Thursday, 11 August 2016

Homeware HAUL: Double Duvet Sets £15 And Under

Hello everyone, so for those of you who aren't aware yet... I'm moving out soon, I don't have a date but I've started collecting the things I need so that I'm prepared for when I actually do leave my parents house.

Today's haul is just for the duvet covers that I've bought so far as I'm switching from a single bed to a double bed and I didn't have any sheets. The first one that I want to talk about is this £15 double set with a rather ethnic elephant design on it. The quality of it is quite good considering the fact that it's from ASDA George and I adore the elephant design.

Next up is this adorable monochrome set from Primark, it doesn't feel as thick as the ASDA George set but it was £14 I think. I just really like the double sided aspect of the set as I could easily change up the look. 

I bought some pale pink fitted sheets for from the same place as they will match my bedroom set and go with a lot of my furnishings as well as these duvets. Primark have quite a nice homeware collection if you take a few minutes to check it out next time you're in, they sell things like candle holders, throws, sheets and kitchen pieces which I thought were really cute. 

The third and final set that I have to show you guys was reduced at the Yorkshire Linen Company, it's from the Catherine Lansfield collection and I really just love the cut vintage look it has to it. I was looking at some softer looking designs as I seem to have gone for quite bold designs at ADSA George and Primark.

I feel like the Yorkshire Linen Company has sales quite often so keep your eyes peeled as they reduce sets all the time. I saw a few sets that I quite liked whilst I was in the store but this was the one that made me want to spend my money. Money has been a bit of a focus during my homeware shop as I don't have a lot to spend on the luxuries but I want to create myself a space where I can feel peaceful and comfortable. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed my micro budget duvet set haul, I just know that I enjoy reading similar posts so I thought that I'd share this with you all. Well, thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My Opinion Of The 2016 Ghostbusters Remake

I'm so late to the party but last week I finally made the time to see the new Ghostbusters film. I haven't done a movie review in quite some time so just bare with me here, I'm getting there! 

So just as many other people were, I was slightly dubious as sometimes remakes can be awful, almost an insult to the originals. I also wasn't particularly sure about the female cast, I can't explain why; I guess I just didn't want the film to stray too far from the original. All four of the starring actresses are amazing, before this film I just wasn't sure how they would mesh together as a team. 

Fortunately my preconceived misconceptions were exactly that, misconceptions. The combination of the writers wit and the actresses portrayals of each of the characters made their chemistry on screen seamless. 

Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates rang true with her acting style, it is sure to be one of her most well loved roles. Yates is a paranormal fanatic, a scientist and a total goofball and none of it seems unnatural or stale.

Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert started off as someone repressing her belief in the paranormal for the sake of her career as a scientist, her character became interesting when she let go of the facade and started doing something she believed in. 

Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan had me laughing through most of her scenes, "THE POWER OF PATTY COMPELS YOU!" though that wasn't all she had in her favour. Tolan brought that little bit of familiarity to the team as she wasn't a scientist but she did have common knowledge about the city. 

Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann was perhaps my favourite character, as the token crazy genius of the film she looked comfortable with her quirks and I was very happy that her role wasn't sexualised as she could have been. That part was left to dear, daft Kevin (Chris Hemsworth).

Overall I was pretty damn impressed with the casting decisions, it could have went wrong on so many levels and the film could have flopped but with the fab cast, cameos and references it certainly proved me wrong!

I don't know whether to hope for a sequel or hope that they don't push their luck. I believe that 2016 was the right time for the release as the rise in girl power and feminism is at an all time high with many issues being brought to light. Who knows whether or not a sequel would be received as well in the future?

So that was my slightly babbling review of the Ghostbusters 2016 remake. Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Lists Of Four - Facebook Tag

As a general rule I don't take part in Facebook tags, I know, I'm supposed to be a social media buff but I find a lot of them a little preachy. Recently, however, I've been in a bit of a blogging slump and my friend tagged me in this so here I am typing up the answers for my blog.

So for this tag, basically there are six questions which have to be answered in four bullet points and four people have to be tagged. As always, I'll be leaving the actual tagging up to you guys so if you want to type it up for your blog just do it and let me know so I can check up on your answers!

Things I've been called:
  1. Ayms
  2. Aymie with a Y
  3. Pond
  4. Barton
Four places I've lived:
  1. Chilton
  2. Spennymoor
  3. Mansfield
  4. Kirk Merrington
Four things I love to watch on TV:
  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Once Upon A Time
  3. Game Of Thrones
  4. Agent Carter (Cancelled, unfortunately)
Four places outside of the UK I've visited:
  1. France
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Tenerife
  4. Cyprus
Four things I love to eat:
  1. Honey wheat bushman bread
  2. Chicken and mushroom pasta bake
  3. Chicken parmigiana
  4. Nando's
Four things I like to drink:
  1. Chai latte
  2. Peach Rubro
  3. Yorkshire Tea
  4. Superfood smoothies
So there you have it, my answer to the Facebook thing I was tagged in. Hopefully it's helped you get to know me a bit better if you're new to my blog or if you wanted to know a little more about me. Thanks for reading!

The Oriental Museum And The Awkward Poses

I promised awkward poses so to kick off the post I'm including a picture of my 'I totally fit in with this display' pose. So once we visited the Botanical Gardens, our little gang packed up and went to the Oriental Museum as it wasn't too far away. 

Educational and good babysitting from me and my friends, my sister leaned quite a bit from the day out. See! We're good influences, I swear! Anyway, this was another place that had a low cost admission fee and as I said, it wasn't far from our last activity so we didn't have to travel too much.

We saw exhibits about quite a few different cultures, I think that sometimes it easy to forget that China isn't the only country that falls into the oriental category. It was interesting to see both the similarities and differences between the people the exhibits were based on.

The exhibits had artefacts, trivia, costumes and more to give the public a better insight into the themes and topics of the displays. Us crazy kids, learning and stuff instead of drinking and being idiots... We all enjoy this kind of thing so it's easy for us to decided on places to go when we catch up.

I'm not too old to get stuck into the costumes left out for kids to try on... Right? Either way, I don't care because I had fun. Unfortunately most of the pictures are quite low in quality as we weren't allowed flash photography within the museum but I do still look at the photos and laugh at my awkward poses.

So that was the second half of our day, perhaps you lot should pay Durham a visit in the near visit. There's lots to do and it can all be done on a low budget if that's what you require. Thanks for reading this post, I've enjoyed blogging this morning!

A Day At The Botanical Gardens

I don't know why but I love this picture that my friend Chloe took of my sister and I whilst we were out, she always gets the good ones to be honest. We had a day out at the Botanical Gardens as we were all free and my sister wanted to tag along so we packed up a picnic and went on our way. 

I can't remember how much the entry costs were but they weren't much at all, that's all I want from a day out really... Fresh air and low prices, I'm easily pleased. I had never actually been to the Botanical Gardens before so I didn't know what to expect but I just wanted to make sure that my sister wasn't sat inside all day. 

The weather was gorgeous, the flowers were in bloom and we got to catch up. All in all it was a nice little place to visit, I particularly adored the little random features like the boots in the picture to the right. I think that even the worst photographer can get beautiful pictures when the subject of the shot is so vibrant and well lit.

I was reminded quite frequently of the Peter Rabbit books that I read as a child when I spotted some of the substituted pots and displays, though, I'm fairly sure that was my strange mind. 

I think that this was my favourite photo of the day as I don't have many of myself, Chloe and Leanne together but this one came out pretty darn well. Jess refused to be part of this picture but we got others so no big deal, the stubborn mule!

The picnic that I made for me and my sister consisted of Lunchables, crisps, chocolate and healthy juice to counteract the more... Unhealthy aspects of our lunch. I couldn't be bothered with sandwiches and I think we both prefer Lunchables, despite the fact that it's a children's snack.

Bless Jessica, though. She really wasn't bothered about the activity sheets. She just wanted to take photos and videos as we wandered through the gardens. I will quote her on this "Why the hell would I want to colour in? I just want to draw my own stuff" which isn't something I was all too shocked by. 

She's quite the artist, she specialises in cartoon animals and she does all of her own designs. I'm really happy that she has a hobby that she loves as I never really had that as a kid. I just didn't have that one thing I was super interested in like that. 

Well, that's today's post all wrapped up. I may post again today as we went to the oriental museum afterwards so I might as well share that too. We got some pretty funny photos from that one. Until next time... Bye!

Monday, 4 July 2016

A Letter To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Hello Aymie,

You're just finishing school, don't be scared of what's to come. You're going to make friends, lose friends, make good decisions and bad decisions... C'est la vie! Stop dwelling on the future and focus on the present, worrying will not help at all!

So maybe at twenty you're not a published author, a celebrity or a professional travel blogger but think of it this way... You have years and years to grow into who you're going to be. If you want something just go for it, stop looking at all the negatives. You're going to go through your fair share of ups and downs but after a down there's always an up so hold on and don't be a miserable cow.

For goodness sake, stop dying your hair. It's been many colours and in the end you're going to chop it all off and have to wait through the awkward pixie stage. It's boyish and you'll look like Sam, stay away from the bleach and let it all fade out!

Speaking of which, don't make impulse decisions when it comes to cut and colour. Whilst hair grows back, you're hair is too frizzy to end up looking like the picture you show to the hairdresser. You won't like a great number of your impulse choices when it comes to your hair, just don't complain when it goes wrong because... It will. 

You're going to see some amazing things, you're going to travel and you're going to make memories that will make you look back and smile fondly. Don't be afraid of planes, you're tough enough to handle long haul flights on your own. Even if you do get support from the random Asian couple who practically adopt you on your first solo flight...

Oh! Also, you're irrational fear of boats will also clear up. You'll have a fab time in Tenerife on the whale watching trip so don't overthink things. You'll see what I mean when you get to that part, believe me!

Maybe you should stick to something for longer than a year, maybe I'm saying that because I have hindsight but you know that I'm right. History, Journalism, Social Media... Yeah, you have a long way to go. 

Here's what you look like now you're twenty, as you can see, you've switched up your style a bit and you're looking a little more natural... It's taken a while. All I can say is just stop being so self conscious, the thing that you think are important just really aren't. 

This letter of advice is a bit all over the place but since I'm writing this specifically for you I assume that you understand that it's just how I am. Take some of my advice and remember that you have time to grow (not literally, you're still barely 5'4).

Take care,


Friday, 27 May 2016

Busted PIGS CAN FLY Tour Newcastle (Plus Wheatus!)

So I've been to see quite a few bands live so far this year, one that I actually planned to see and didn't buy the tickets as impulse was Busted. Since Charlie Simpson decided to rejoin the band I figured that I really should go and see them to relive some more of my childhood. 

I went with my best friend and my brother as we all love the band, though, they hadn't really met properly so I was slightly worried. Nevermind that, they ended up bullying me together all the same to be honest. I really shouldn't have worried about it at all. 

Emma Blackery and Wheatus were the support acts, Emma was good, I'm not going to lie. Though, Wheatus was AMAZING! Teenage Dirtbag is epic live and Lemonade has grown on me, it's been stuck in my head since the concert. 

The build up for the actual concert really worked me up so I was very ready for the start, I think Sam and Leanne were pretty amused by my singing and dancing. Yet another instance where I made everyone look like fools. I guess if you're having fun you should throw caution to the wind and keep going. 

I think it's slightly strange how much all three of us look related in this picture despite the fact that we're not in the slightest bit related to Leanne but hey... 

Anyway, I had been slightly dubious about Charlie's reintroduction to the band as his work over the last few years has been slightly too depressive and indie for me. Thankfully I was wrong and Busted still felt like Busted, no big productions or dance numbers were needed, it was all about the music and reminiscing about old favourites. Speaking of favourites...

When they switched to B Stage for a few songs they performed my favourite song of theirs, Who's David? I moved over a little bit so I could see a little better but it was great to see the song performed by the original line-up. 

They played the old favourites, some of their more obscure ones and some new ones. They had a nice little mix going on, to be honest. I was happy with their choices and it was an amazing night out, I love to hang out with my brother on nights like that one and having my best friend there just made it what it was. It makes my happy just thinking about it.

I mean, look how close they were! At one point James even pointed at me, I swear. It sounds pretty gross but we could see their sweat stains from where we were, just sayin'! So yeah, the PIGS CAN FLY Tour was the best thing since sliced bread and I plan on going to their next one providing it happens. 

Now is about the time I start apologising profusely for my absent blogging style as of late... Yeah, I've had a few night shifts and few long days. I'll try to be better at updating but really I can't promise anything because all I do is work and sleep. Well, thanks for reading!