Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Brothers Pre-Birthday Outing (It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!)

Between Christmas and Halloween, I can't really decide which holiday I love more. I love Halloween for all its quirkiness and the fact that it gives me a reason to dress up but at the same time I love Christmas because, well, who doesn't? Christmas dinner, presents, family time... The list goes on and on. The only issue is that Christmas has very quickly crept up this year and everything seems to have flown over. 

So it's my brothers 16th birthday tomorrow and since we all have work and school we decided to celebrate a day early. Anyway, we went to the Metro Center in Newcastle and he wasted all his birthday money, I'm honestly not shocked at all. What we did today isn't actually the theme of this post, it's actually where we went that has given me cause to blog. When I stepped foot into the Metro Center today, I got quite a shock because I didn't realise how close Christmas really is. Anyone who has visited the Metro Center will know what I'm talking about, nearly everything has some sort connection to Christmas and it's difficult to think about anything else. 

This has all gotten me to seriously start looking for Christmas gifts, why do I never get it all out of the way early? If I remember next year I'll start shopping around summertime and then I'll have plenty of time to sort out the finishing touches before the December-time rush starts. I think that the most difficult people to buy for are my dad and my brother but luckily enough I know what I'm getting for them this time around. My main problem is that I tend to start looking for myself so far through my Christmas shopping. When it comes to buying presents for my friends though I like to get them something in reference to something we've said over the last year or something so the gift is more personal. 

Anyone else caught in a bit of a rush for Christmas? 


  1. Alot of people seem to be freaking out over Xmas quite early here,"it's past midnight on halloween, let the Christmas songs begin! " I am one of those people