Friday, 28 November 2014

My Home And Lifestyle Wishlist (Bedroom Decor)

This is basically just going to be a wishlist of thing I want for my bedroom because looking at the same features every night gets rather boring. 

The first item is the RAMSTA Lighting Chain from IKEA which as always is full of modern minimalist furniture. I particularly like these lights because you can buy them for over the festive period as a way to decorate your room but you can use them all the way through the year. I think these would look amazing draped around a mirror on a dresser.

The Joules bed collection from Next looks adorable and would fit in really well with a Shabby Chic styled bedroom to add to the vintage farmer sort of theme displayed in the image to the right. I would never have thought to put that mustard yellow shade with the bright and bold pink colour but I have to admit that it is a really nice combination. I hate the word nice, it's too plain but I feel like I use the words great, amazing and adorable too much.

The mirror shown to the left looks incredible, I'm so sick of seeing all of those plain contemporary mirrors that have no character. This one from John Lewis called the Bistro Mirror With Hooks and whilst it is over £100, it does have a fantastic style and it would be a shame to ignore this piece. The site actually says it's for the bathroom or the hallway but I think that the hooks are just as useful in the bedroom where you can hang dressing gowns and similar items rather than slinging them to the side.

The next item is from Wilkinsons and it's a lovely addition to the bedroom at any time of the year. The Wilko Flower Bottle Decor Black, as it's named on the site, is simplistic yet incredibly stylish so it would be a great way to accessorise a plain yet mature room or add to the definition of a more jumbled and eclectic mix. There's not many items that this bottle decoration can be anything less than a compliment to. 

These have been a few items I've had my eye on for a while, what sort of style is your bedroom? 

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