Sunday, 23 November 2014


I've always been quite creative so when I started doing my friends nails for parties and events I really got into nail art. I think I actually mentioned my love for funky nails briefly in my November Favourites post. For this installment of my blog I am going to include some of my favourite designs I've done over the years.

This is a picture of the first time I ever did my friend Leanne's nails,  we had been discussing the party she was going to so I ended up doing them during a free lesson at the end of my last GCSE year. She was going to a dressing up party at the ice rink and she had decided on Snow White so we searched through designs and came up with this one. We decided to leave the base coat clear and draw the designs on the tips with nail art pens.

The next time I did her nails I opted for an Easter/Spring styled theme. I actually enjoyed doing this design more because it was less strict in terms of design and I got to have a bit more fun with that aspect of the nail design. I chose an Easter egg, a bunny, a chick, some daisies and a sun to give is a more varied and colourful style. I also did other designs during that year, including a Batman themed one and a christmassy one with silver and blue snowflakes, I just can't find any images on my phone or laptop. I actually did these designs about three years ago.

The design to the left is less original than the other two but it was done out of boredom and didn't really have a theme. I loved the way the silver contrasted with the lilac shade but it wasn't particularly bold. Anyway, I gave it a purple base coat because at the time pastels were just coming back into fashion properly and then added silver designs over the top. The designs consisted of a yin yang symbol, stripes, swirls, arrows and a diamond. It was a bit of a rush job and didn't come out exactly as planned but it payed off to test out the colours against easch other.

Next I am going to talk about the Despicable Me minion theme that I recently did when the second film came out. Leanne was recovering from a foot operation when I did the minion theme so really it was a fun way to pass time. I'm proud of how this one turned out though I have been told that the yellow coat stained her nails and I was rather hasty and didn't wait long enough for the first yellow coat to dry. Other than that it was really simple and I just painted the dungarees in blue, added the eyes and the straps and this design was good to go. 

I hope people have enjoyed this post, if anyone wants to know anymore information on how I achieved these designs then please do not hesitate to comment below! 


  1. wow impressive nails! I am happy if I get a normal plain coat onto my nails (particularly happy if it then lasts longer than 2 days without major chips) looks great!

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    1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile!

      Thanks for the feedback, I'm better at doing other peoples nails but I do experiment. I've found that the Claires Accessories Chip Resistant nail varnish is the best for that. :)

  2. I'll pay you for nail art lessons

    1. All the way from Hong Kong? :D

      If you want some tips or you want me to take you through a design step by step just let me know.

    2. Tips would be nice 😊