Friday, 21 November 2014

November Favourites

I’ve collected quite a few items this month, a good portion of them I love and I kind of wanted to share. This post is going to include a rather varied selection of favourites; I don’t want to just post beauty favourites because that’s not what this blog is going to be about so I’ll be mentioning clothing, food and drink, TV shows and random items I’ve picked up along the way. Also, I’m not going to say anything about any hair products because that will come in the next post which will be about dye damage and how I’ve restored my hair.

First of all, American Horror Story: Freakshow is actually in league with Murder House which is a shock because the last two seasons have been a disappointment. This show isn’t something I would recommend to my family but that’s just due to the fact that it’s a messed up kind of fascinating that you just don’t want to describe to your mum and dad. Another show I have been loving this month, though I’m a few episodes behind, is Once Upon A Time. Frozen is the main fairytale theme this season which is surprising because everything else is based on what I would call a ‘classic fairytale’. I’m far from complaining though because who doesn’t love frozen?

For the food and drink section of this post I’m going to talk about tea and comfort food because those are the things I go through most during November/December time. I have quite a weak immune system so I tend to get ill at this time of the year, I am now actually, so I eat a lot of casseroles and soups. My mum cooks a lot at home so I’m not much of a cook myself but I just don’t feel like eating pizza during this time of the year. I love tea during any month but I’ve noticed how much I’ve actually gone through so far this month and let’s just say it’s a lot. My favourite brand of tea is Yorkshire Tea, however, I quite like Twinnings Earl Grey and any brand of chai tea. If I go to Starbucks, Costa or really any other cafĂ© I tend to order a chai tea latte rather than the seasonal options because I find those really sickly.

For my Autumn skincare regime I’ve just recently started using the Superdrug Cleanser and Toner along with the Facial Moisturiser and I’m already starting to feel the benefits. It’s perfect for spot prone skin because the key ingredient is tea tree oil and the moisturiser helps prevent skin from getting dry and flakey which can be a problem during Autumn/Winter. Another plus is that it works just as well, if not better than more pricey items with more complicated ingredients lists. Staying with the skin theme I would also like to talk about the Frank Cacao Body Scrub which I actually bought last month but it’s really starting to be a beloved product. I bought it on impulse because I saw a lot of reviews on Instagram and Twitter and decided that I wanted to give it a go. It has since then made my skin tone much more even and soft, it doesn't hurt that it smells amazing too!

I paint my nails a lot, even though they are quite short and tend to snap. I don’t follow any particular nail trends but I do have more than a few November Favourites. The Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure range is amazing, I particular like the nail polish: 822 Take The Leap. It’s a lovely subtle yet shimmery purple that is great for work and/or meeting friends. Another polish I have been loving this month is the Revlon Colourstay Longwear Nail Enamel: 107 Coastal Surf. I got both of these nail polishes from a friend for my birthday earlier in the month. From my own supply I have taken to using the Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish in 193 Black Cherry and 200 Orange Your Life because to me they are such cute Autumn colours. I have used others but a lot of my collection don’t have labels because I peeled them off at some point.

Since it’s November and it’s absolutely freezing I have started stocking up on jumpers, I’m a massive fan of jumpers anyway because they are easy to just pull on and not have to bother about. I’m really quite lazy in that respect, I don’t plan outfits and I often just end up wearing what’s clean or the most appropriate for the weather. Anyway, I have bought new ones from ASOS, the market place in Durham and Primark so they are relatively low priced and fit in with the rest of my mish-mash of a wardrobe. The last item I want to blab on about is my new hot water bottle that I bought from The Factory Shop this week. It’s pretty much a must have item for the colder months that I regret not buying in previous years, I usually just steal my little sisters mini one.

So that’s all of my favourites for this month, or at least all of the ones I can remember. I’ll be posting my next post about my hair sometime in the next few days.

What are your November favourites? 

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