Saturday, 29 November 2014

Step By Step Frozen Nails

I will just warn you now that these aren't my best work, I did them for my friend today as a way of passing time. I designed them to look like the bottom of Elsa's dress in Frozen. 

It's a very simple design so it's easy for those of you who have shakey hands or struggle with the more complex strokes. The image to the right shows the polish used to create the look. 
Like I said before, it's a very simple nail design, it's sort of patterned like icicles but really you could do a quick ombré effect with a sponge and some silver nail polish.

I started with a clear base coat and then gave each nail a coat of the Cyan Blue nail polish, I did this to prevent staining and nail damage. As shown in the above image, I started the silver part of the design by using the silver nail art pen to create the icicle styles nail tips. I advise that you don't do all of the icicles the same length because it loses the essence that make it look like the trim of Elsa's dress. 

Next I added some random silver drops to add to the effect and then switched over to the silver glitter nail art pen to make it look like it's glistening. I just went over the shape I made for the icicles and dotted over close to the design. I then used the Bedazzled Nail polish to add a different sparkling effect over the top of the nail art pens. 

The ring finger can be used as a feature nail, I did this to break up the design a little bit. I just dotted the already blue nail with the silver nail art pen and then used two coats of the Bedazzled Nail Effect polish. 

A top coat is optional but helps set the polish so it's less likely to chip or peel in the first few days of having it. 

Are there any designs you would like me to try out?


  1. ❤Thats really cool,I might try it for Christmas if I manage to find the right colours in the shops ,great job! 👏

    1. You should! It doesn't have to be those exact nail polishes, a glittery light blue would look amazing!