Monday, 24 November 2014

The People's Millions: Vote For Rural Refurb

I am currently volunteering at the County Durham Furniture Help Scheme (CDFHS) after an 8 week work placement in their front office. The purpose of this post is to tell you why you should support us in our campaign for the Peoples Millions and vote for us on the 25th November and also to educate some people on what we actually do. 

The RURAL REFURB branch of the CDFHS runs in a similar manner to the main operation, the following text in italics is a quote from the site.   

The primary aim of CDFHS is to provide any individual in need with low-cost, affordable items - primarily furniture, but our scope has expanded in recent years to include all types of household items. 

We collect free of charge, repair and redistribute items from the County Durham area which would otherwise go into landfill, while also making available thousands of items of furniture and household goods every year to people from the region. We are widely recognised for our positive environmental impact and helped save some 150 tonnes of items from entering the refuse system in the last year alone!

At County Durham Furniture Help Scheme we believe in giving more to the community and so we provide the chance to learn key skills at our establishment from carpentry through to IT tech.

Whether you volunteer or are here on placement we guarantee that you will leave with valuable experience (that all employers look for) and some new skills to add to your CV. This also includes a one-to-one session with our Training and Employment Coordinator, Steve Mitton, who will craft a tailor made CV for you.

So basically the CDFHS is a charitable organisation that collects and sells unwanted reusable furniture, household goods and appliances from around the County Durham area. 

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