Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Ultimate Winter Trend: Tartan

I can't speak for everyone but my ultimate winter fashion trend is definitely tartan. This highland trend has the potential to either be edgy and punky or classic and elegant. It all depends on how you style it. Come to think of it, I included tartan in my wishlist post yesterday, that just shows how much I love this trend. 

I found these Pj's on the Next site and I think they are utterly adorable, I wish I had include these in my wishlist post now. If not for yourself, I advise that you buy these for someone else for Christmas. Next always does the most incredibly soft and comfy pj's so this is high on my recommend list. They are short sleeved so they are wearable in both the hot and the cold. I know that it's not tartan but I also recommend this Luxury Knitted Robe because it would compensate for the lack of long sleeves. 

Since it's just getting colder and colder, I've been looking for a new scarf. I don't like scarves to be too thick because they get irritating if you are wearing one for too long so I found this one whilst browsing the web. It's subtle so if you don't want to make a statement with tartan then this is definitely the one for you. It's from River Island and it's called the Grey Tartan Check Scarf, I love the tassel trim as it kind of reminds me of a vintage picnic blanket.

Another item I found from River Island is the Grey Tartan Check Blanket Cape because it is great for then you are wearing a very plain outfit and you just want to give it a little something extra. Besides, it's very wearable for both work and general usage so you get your moneys worth. I actually really want to buy one now, unfortunately I don't have any money to spare on it. It actually strikes me as something Perrie Edwards would wear, I'm not sure why, I just think it's the sort of thing that would really suit her, 

The Love Moschino Tartan Dress With Buttons is by far the most expensive item I have chosen to mention but I love the slightly military style of the piece and my favourite colour for tartan isn't the standard red; it's blue. This is an item I would love to wear for having coffee with friends, I don't think I would wear it at work unless I was working in fashion. 

Anyway, this is my take on Tartan.

What's yours? 


  1. I absolutely LOVE tartan, my fav trend of all time! x

  2. Replies
    1. It really is, I bet it would really suit you.