Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tips For Nail Design

This post was actually a suggestion from my grandmas friends god-daughter, I know, it's a bit of a mouthful. I'm not trained in nail design but I do tend to paint my friends nails and my own nails quite a lot so these are just a few little tips I've picked up along the way.

A base coat, in my opinion, is essential. It prevents nails from colour staining which happens if you wear a particularly bold colour without some sort of protective coat, I recommend one from Sally Hansen's nail care range. The Double Duty Strengthening Base And Top Coat strengthens nails AND protects them in a healthy multi-purpose function which brings me onto the next point; A base coat also prevents the polish from making your nails brittle and weak, I find that if you peel it off it damages your nails and makes them feel much less healthy and strong.

Some nail paints require more than one coat, this could be because of the consistency but for me personally it tends to be because I want to get the most out of the colour. I wouldn't advise using any more than two coats though because that can shorten the length of time that the nail colour stays on.

Chip resistant polishes are great for longer wearing, I like to change mine up quite a lot so this doesn't matter too much to me but if I use a more neutral colour I tend to leave it on for longer. A great chip resistant polish that I find works the best is one from Claire's Accessories which I can't actually find on the site but it's definitely in store because I recently bought one. 

For nail art I find that actual nail art pens are the easiest to use but if you are good with intricate designs you might want to invest in a nail art tool or some fine paint brushes. You can clean both the tool and the brushes in nail varnish remover and then blot the tip on some tissue or kitchen roll or whatever.

Another nail design tip is that you can create a template out of masking tape, paint over it in your desired colour and then slowly peel away the tape. There are templates on sale in various shops that you could use rather than creating your own if you can't be bothered or if you aren't particularly creative.

For an ombré design you need to tip some of the polish onto a paper plate or a palette and find some makeup sponges and dip one into the paint. Then you dab it onto the end of the nail, you can use multiple colours and layer it once the first layer is dry. 

A top coat is advantageous if you have spent a long time on a design because it sets the polish and adds shine to it. You can us the same polish as you did for the base coat if you buy a dual purpose base and top coat. 


  1. I actually didn't know the masking tape one!! Thank you! Going to see if I have time to do some Christmas nails tonight!

  2. Thanks for the tips, I'm gonna screen shot this blog post for future references 👍

  3. Thank you Aymie for such a helpful post. I am looking forward to getting some nail art pens and brushes.