Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Winter Warm-Ups (Favourites)

With winter quickly approaching and the bitter cold serving as a reminder that Christmas is around the corner, I fancied writing yet another winter themed post. I'm just going to mention some of my non-beauty winter favourites.

My hot water bottle! I never really had one until last year but it was a mini one of my sisters. I recently invested in one of my own, I've used it nearly every night and it's not even winter yet. Just a tip- I find that the ones with woolly covers tend to provide more warmth than the ones with furry covers.

A hand warmer My hands get really cold at work and when I walk into the nearby town so I heat up one of these and keep it in my pocket just in case I get too cold. Mine looks like a tiny hot water bottle, the only issue is that you have to put it in boiling water for 20 minutes and that's difficult to do at work. 

Yorkshire Tea I love a good cup of tea but I'm really picky about what type of tea I drink, I'm not bad mouthing other brands I'm just saying that this one is my personal favourite. I did, however, get the most adorable gift for my birthday earlier this month from my friend. It included Redbush herbal type tea, sweets and the cutest mug. 

Extra blankets Around this time of the year I like to invest in some new soft blankets to stop me shivering at home. I got my blankets from the Home Department of Primark this year, they have snowflakes on them and they make my bedroom look subtly Christmassy. I don't have a photo of it because I'm typing this up at work but trust me, they are amazing! 

So these were just a few items that I find help me survive in the winter, it's my favourite time of the year but it's just too cold!