Wednesday, 10 December 2014

10th Day Of Blogmas: Stocking Fillers And Gift Ideas For Men

So it's that time of the year again and many of us are struggling to buy for the men in our lives, I know it's something I always struggle with so todays Blogmas post will hopefully help you out. You can find my stocking fillers for women here.

The first few stocking fillers are from Next, I think they're quite cool so I guess it just depends on the person. I found this bag of Zombie Blood shower gel for just £5 on the site and probably in store, I think it's a great gift for those of you who need to buy for fans of The Walking Dead. I'm not sure about the quality of the actual shower gel but the packaging is reason enough to buy it for someone.

The second item from Next is this Inflatable Gaming Chair and whilst it doesn't strictly fit in a stocking I'm sure any guy would love to receive one of these. The black and red colour scheme makes it easy to fit in with the rest of a room and it's inflatable which basically means that you can deflate it and store it elsewhere. This gift is priced at £80 so this is something you could get for your dad or brother(s) if you're looking to splash out a bit. 

Okay, so the next two items will be from JD Sports but I'm sure you could buy them elsewhere like the official brand sites. Item number one from JD Sports is the McKenzie Stakker Bobble Hat because obviously it's getting colder and colder so it's one of those useful gifts that you don't exactly appreciate until it starts to get frosty and cold. The hat comes in either navy or grey marl so there's not much choice but at least there's an option for men who don't like blue.

Next up is the Nike Heritage Gymsack  because it's another useful gift that can be used for the gym, for school/college or whatever else. It comes in either blue/white or dark ash/white so yet again, there is at least one other colour option. The site says that This gym sack from Nike features a large bold print logo on the front, adjustable drawstring straps and multiple inside pouches, plus a zip through pocket on the back so it is obviously versatile and in my opinion it could make a fantastic addition to someones stocking.

Other than that a good shower gel/after shave/deodorant gift set is always an easy pick. I find that it's just something that builds up the present pile and it isn't exactly a useless gift unless the person you buy it for hates the brand. 

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