Sunday, 14 December 2014

14th Day Of Blogmas: My Weekend Round-Up

As stated in the title of this post, I'm basically going to round-up my weekend and mention the highlights from over the past few days. 

My weekend technically starts on Friday because I'm not at work on that day so I'll just start from there; I basically just had yet another lazy day over at my grans, it's a common occurrence and we usually just end up watching really bad sci-fi films and making some weird sort of noodle concoction. It was frosty and freezing and I had to walk from where I live to the town she lives in but luckily enough my next door neighbor took pity on me and gave me a lift. 

On Saturday I harassed my friend Leanne with the first two Hobbit films and then dragged her to see the most recent one with Michael and two of his friends. FYI, it was amazing and I cried a lot *SPOILERS* when Kili and Fili died. It was definitely the best of the three Hobbit films, I really want to see it again. Martin Freeman is amazing at his portrayal of Bilbo and I think everyone else is just as good if not better in the roles of the other characters. It's well worth a watch if you were planning on seeing it or you have wanted to check out the film series. Anyway, after the film we met with Becky and had dinner at McDonalds whilst we exchanged Christmas gifts, it was great to catch up with everyone so really it was just an excuse to meet up. 

Sunday, the day I'm writing this post, was set aside to go for a family meal which, for the Bartons, is usually a noisy, messy and worky event. It lived up to the general pattern even though we were seated next to an Anniversary party which was louder than our table and sort of made the noise an all time high. 

So this is my 14th Blogmas post, it's more of a diary entry but that's pretty much what a blog is, isn't it? 

What has everyone else been up to? 

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