Tuesday, 16 December 2014

16th Day Of Blogmas: Favourite Bloggers

Blogmas is a large blogging project so it only seems right that I should use at least one of the days as a sort of celebration of my favourite bloggers. As you can guess, today's post is going to work as a list of blogs that I love to visit when I get a chance.

Anyway, I'm going to start with Writers Block And Broken Lenses because AJ has helped me through my first month of blogging and her blog is an interesting read. It's a lifestyle blog based in London, she usually posts about what she's been up to but the odd post about nails or products appears. It's well worth taking a look AJ's blog if you're nosy like me and like to see what other people are getting up to.

Another blog I like to read is Idle Lane by Danielle Peazer, it's relatively new but it's been running longer than my own and it's on a much larger scale. It's a beauty and fashion blog that posts frequently and features reviews, OOTD posts and posts about general events that Danielle has attended. I love the theme that she has used, it's so simple yet classic. I haven't included a picture of it so you'll have to check it out for yourself.

Next I'm going to mention Zoe London, she runs a lifestyle blog but she also posts about beauty and fashion so it's quite a mix in terms of content. I discovered her in Instagram and then checked out her blog because I was envious of her hair, I've kept up with her posts ever since. I recently did a tag that her and Lily Melrose created which was actually really fun to write, check out my attempt here.

The last blogger I'm going to mention in this post is Sammi Maria who is also known as Beautycrush, her blog is a beauty and fashion one but she posts a lot about travel and lifestyle as well. I particularly like her posts and videos about her monthly favourites, I love trying new products so her reviews of each product she's been loving is really interesting to me. I also love how she always seems to go off into a tangent about something else before going back to the original plot of the video because it just makes her seem more genuine.

So these are my favourite bloggers, who are yours? 


  1. Well done on doing Blogmas! It is something I just don't have the capacity to do and am just in awe of bloggers who can. xx