Wednesday, 17 December 2014

17th Day Of Blogmas: Wrapping (For Next Year Or My Readers Benefit)

In the past I have wrestled with ribbons, used bows bigger than the gifts themselves and curled string with scissors. This year I've been lazy and I've just simply wrapped them in silver paper and written in biro the name of the intended recipient. 

Next year I definitely plan on buying plain brown wrapping paper and using metallic paint and stamps to create a more personal DIY look, then again, I also plan on sorting out the presents with plenty of time to spare so we'll see how that goes. I will either buy the stamps or make my own using sponges or potatoes, I imagine that it's going to be trial and error. 

Another thing I could probably do is wrap them like hampers because I tend to buy lots of smaller presents, wrap them and then place them in gift bags. I will need wooden baskets to create a neat and professional look, I've done them before in previous years so I know they are quick and simple to do. Clear plastic wrap, twisty metal ties and ribbons will be needed as well as sugar paper to neaten up the look and make the hamper look more festive. 

An easy quick-fix is just to buy decorated boxes from craft, card or DIY shops, add some sugar paper to the inside, close up the box, wrap ribbon around it and place a bow where the knot of the ribbon is. I have also done this myself in previous years and I added jewelled stickers to the lids rather than using tags and they looked great. 

How do you guys wrap your presents? Any DIY ideas? 

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