Saturday, 20 December 2014

20th Day Of Blogmas: What's On My Tree?

As far as trees go, mine isn't the most exciting that you're going to see, it's slightly more coordinated, or at least it was until my sister got her hands on it. As far as I can remember, my mum has always opted for a duel colour scheme, either silver and red or gold and red. This year we have silver and red but some of the crackers are gold which is really annoying me because I prefer to keep silver and gold away from each other. 

The crackers we have are quite assorted, we bought three different boxes because we like to pull crackers on New Years Day as well. It's sort of a family tradition to have a New Years lunch and pull crackers just like Christmas, it's just something we've always done. We have plain silver ones, red and gold ones, red and white ones and plain red ones. I'm sure that well over thirty Christmas crackers are currently occupying our tree. 

Other than the silver and red baubles and tinsel, we have a little stuffed penguin perched on one of the branches, I'm not sure why but it's there and I like it. I have no doubt that other soft toys will make their way onto the tree but for now he's on his own. Poor little guy.

Next up is a little bell from my sisters school when they had a Polar Express movie night, it's adorable and I happen to really like it on our tree. We keep taking it off and ringing it so it's not always on the tree but it's there most of the time so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for reading my post about my tree decorations, what do you have on yours? 

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