Tuesday, 23 December 2014

23rd Day Of Blogmas: My Beauty Wishlist

Since I enjoyed writing My Fashion Wishlist (Monochrome) so much yesterday I decided to write another wishlist for todays Blogmas post only this time it's going to be beauty based rather than fashion based.

The first item on my beauty wishlist is the Magnitone Lucid – Limited Edition by Pixie Lott. I've been meaning to try a product from Magnitone anyway because I struggle with keeping my complexion clear. I would particularly like this version because it comes in two different models for those in need of a deep clean and those who have sensitive skin. I would prefer the deep clean version because, like I said, I struggle to keep my complexion clear and this product has a 7 day promise. Also, it's been designed by Pixie Lott and she seems to be honest in her reviews and opinions so it just gives Magnitone an extra stamp of approval. Something I only just found out about the product is that you can use your regular cleanser with it and still get fab results so that's yet another credit to Magnitone. I've really wanted to try this product since it came out so I can imagine that if I don't get it for Christmas I will most likely go out and buy it anyway. 

The BeautyCrush recently mentioned the Exfoliating Cream from Huygens in France again so I've been meaning to see if they ship to the UK, apparently they do. Delivery is free in the EU and from outside of there it's €80. This product seems like a real pick-me-up product and the ingredients are natural and organic so there are no harmful chemicals or oils that could bring you out in a rash or cause spots. According to the site, the Exfoliating Cream contains the anti-oxidant green tea which I love because it always makes me feel so refreshed whether I'm drinking it in tea or I'm using a product containing it. The Matcha Green Tea powder that I recently tested just about proved that so I think that I'll probably give it a go. 

The Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer from Smashbox is a new product that I'd really like to try because I haven't found a primer that works for me yet. I've heard loads of great reviews about Smashbox in the past and I nearly bought one from ASOS not so long ago. Another thing I like the sound of about this product is the fact that it's oil free because I have combination skin so oil-based product are a no-no for me. I also love that it's supposed to minimize the appearance of pores because that's yet another one of my skin issues that I'd love to be able to conceal.

This next item is something that I want for me and my little sister to muck on with together. Recently I have been meaning to try out some of the more bold makeup trends so the Power Generator Makeup Set would be perfect for that because #Flashmob uses really bold and bright colours in their sets. As you can probably tell from the image to the right, there's quite a selection so it would be a great addition to my makeup collection for when I want to experiment with brighter colours. The set includes a mixture of things including lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow, glitter decor and nail varnish so there's quite a variety in there. I tend to go quite neutral so it would be nice to test out what works and what doesn't. It kind of reminds me of something I got for Christmas when I was quite a bit younger but don't let that put you off because bright colours come in and out of fashion frequently. This particular set was designed for children but I find that it's rare that cosmetics for adults come in such vibrant colours, big brands like MAC and Rimmel focus more on Reds and neutral shades, despite having a wide variety of products. Trying out this set could be a fun afternoon experimenting with different techniques along with my eight year old sister who would love to test some of these out.

These are some of the products that I'd love to try, do you have any recommendations? 

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