Friday, 26 December 2014

26th Day Of Blogmas: Boxing Day

So it's the day after Christmas and now it's all over the next big thing is New Year, I'm not planning on anything big this year so I don't really think I'll be doing many lifestyle posts over the next few day. I'll have a makeup tutorial, a December favourites post, a playlist and possibly a few tag posts out and published rather than the general "here's what I did..." posts that tend to be out there around this time of the year. Speaking of that kind of post, this Blogmas piece is just a little diary styled entry just to let everyone know what I've been up to. 

Rather than sleeping in as I planned, I ended up having to wake up early to go to the Boxing Day sales, As you can see, I awoke in a VERY age appropriate new duvet cover. I got my Avengers duvet cover from my mum and dad after a few hints whilst my sister was writing her list. What I find most amusing is that my 16 year old brother got a plain black one and I got a Marvel one... 

Anyway, I went to Middlesbrough and took a look at what was on offer. I ended up just buying some new foundation and concealer because I was running low on those items, I also got some nail varnish and some hair serum. I'll be including these in a one of my many posts over the next few days because I feel like I have to make up for my lack of content over Christmas. That means a few product reviews that I might just merge into one post and call my Boxing Day Haul... Unless I love the products in which case they will end up in my December Favourites.

I was only out until about 1pm so it didn't take up my whole day, I spent the rest of my time listening to my records, talking to friends about what they got for Christmas and then watched The Avengers: Assemble before settling in my room to blog.

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