Saturday, 27 December 2014

27th Day Of Blogmas: What I Got

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone's had a fantastic Christmas, there are not many posts left in my Blogmas project so things should be getting back to normal here on my blog quite soon. Todays Blogmas post is, as promised, a list of what I got this Christmas. 
  • Crosley Turntable and vinyls; Queens Greatest Hits, Queen A Day At The Races, Elvis' 40 Greatest, The Eddie Cochran Singles Album, Meatloaf Bad Attitude, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds,The Beach Boys Greatest Hits, Blondie Eat To The Beat, T'Pau Bridge Of Spies, Ricky Nelson (Hello Mary Lou/Travellin' Man), Keep-A-Knocking/Tutti Frutti, La Bamba/Donna, Heeby-Jeebies/Long Tall Sally, Beach Boys Trashmen. I also went out and bought Rock Anthems, Diana Ross and The Supremes Stop! In The Name Of Love, ABBA Greatest Hits, ABBA The Album, Spandau Ballet Gold and The Magic Of Boney M. 
  • Sherlock Complete Series 1-3. I already had series 1 & 2 but I wanted to have all three seasons so I could just watch any of them I wanted whenever I wanted.
  • McBusted (Self titled album). I'm listening to it as I type up this post, I love their new album and I can't wait to see them at The Metro Radio Arena for the second time next year.
  • A Marvel Avengers Duvet Set; My brother got a plain black one, my sister got a 1D one and I got this one. It's not exactly a mature choice but it's what I would have chosen for myself, I love it.
  • I'm In Hot Chocolate Heaven Giftset; mug, hot chocolate mix and hot water bottle. I mentioned my love for hot water bottles in my Winter Warm-Ups post last month so you can imagine how happy I am to have a slightly smaller one to keep in my bag for work or whenever. 
  • Next Travel Mug and Vanilla Syrup. I love coffee and I've needed a travel mug for my voluntary position at the CDFHS so I asked my brother for one and he bought me one.
  • 2 Pairs of pyjamas, one pair is fluffy and Christmassy and the other pair is thin and really comfortable to lounge about in.
  • Lynx Attract Giftset For Her; Deodorant, shower gel and scrubber. It's a very practical present and I needed new deodorant and shower gel so I was really pleased with this gift.
  • One Direction You & I Perfume. I had their other perfume from last Christmas and I loved how sweet it was, the new one is slightly more mature so it's nice to have a choice between the two when I want to wear one of their perfumes.
  • A Topshop Leather Jacket; Slim fit and no thick inner layer which is perfect for me because I find that wearing jackets that are too layered get too warm and can be hard to style. 
  • I got a lot of socks, I have a pack of Batman ones, some Captain America socks and some plain pink and grey ones. You can never have too many socks!
  • Nail stuff; Nail varnish, manicure set, nail files, nail glitter and a new top coat to aid in my nail decor obsession. Click here to see my tips for nail design.
  • A Jewelry Box; My gran not so subtly asked me if I had one and I didn't so she bought me one and a pair of earrings to go in. 
That's what I got, what did everyone else get? 

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