Monday, 29 December 2014

29th Day Of Blogmas: The Project In Review

Since this is my first year doing the project I don't have anything to compare it to but it's certainly been a motivation to post. I'm sure anyone else who blogs will understand when I say that some days it's just difficult to find a topic and write so I've really benefited from using a scheduled range of post ideas. I've enjoyed the variation of my Blogmas posts so I'm just going to mention my personal favourite posts that I've typed up throughout the project.

The first post I'm going to mention is the 4th Day Of Blogmas: Decoration Wishlist. I loved writing this post, something I actually really find fascinating is home decor and interior design. I hope to write similar posts throughout 2015 and if I end up redecorating my bedroom or whatever I'll probably do a blogging series on it. The brands I featured in the post were John Lewis, Next and Ikea. All three have fantastic home decor products so I had to curb myself a bit when I was typing it up. 

The next post in my Blogmas review is the 8th Day Of Blogmas: Photo Diary (My Trip To London). I love London anyway so when I got a chance to write about my trip I jumped at it and eagerly uploaded my photos. I did write it when I was hungry, which I pointed out at the time, so the post did sort of focus on food but it's one of my Blogmas highlights anyway. On my trip I met some fantastic people,  ate a lot, got lost and broke a ticket machine but it was one of the best experiences I've had this year. I think I'm going to save up next year and take a trip to either London, Paris or Rome but I'll have to ask someone to go with me first!

Another post that I particularly enjoyed writing was the 11th Day Of Blogmas: Winter Essentials because I found it similar to writing a favourites post and I love those. It included home, beauty, food and lifestyle items that I love and overuse over the Winter time. I personally like reading posts like my Winter Essentials piece or even watching them on Youtube so I wrote it with that in mind. This is yet another style of post that I plan on duplicating throughout 2015 so be on the look out for those! Typing this post up is giving me all sorts of ideas for after Blogmas... If I can wait that long anyway. 

I spend a lot of my free time checking out other blogs for ideas and general blogging tips so I'm going to have to say that my next favourite post was the 19th Day Of Blogmas: Favourite Blogmas Posts (Via Other Bloggers). I had no images on that post but I didn't really want to save anyone elses without permission, I don't tend to plan posts down to the letter so it was all a bit last minute in that respect. Beauty, food, shopping and DIY posts all made their way into that piece in my Blogmas project because that's what I search for when I want to read new posts from other bloggers. 

The last post I'm going to mention is the 28th Day Of Blogmas: Makeup Tutorial because it's not something I've done before. I plan on doing more beauty posts and developing my techniques so I can offer more help and advice on the matter. My best friend Kate, whose blog you can find linked here, should be doing a collaboration post with me at some point about pampering and beauty so that should be fun. Her blog is amazing so you should check it out when you get a chance, she is another one of those really honest and down to earth bloggers that are really talented and not interested in being famous online or whatever. Anyway, back to my blog, I enjoyed the Makeup Tutorial post so expect more of those when I get bored or buy new products. 

Thanks for reading this post, I have a few more days of Blogmas but it's been really fun so far so I'll probably do it all again next year. 

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