Tuesday, 2 December 2014

2nd Day Of Blogmas: Gift Guide

Second post of Blogmas and this one I feel is the most important because I know how difficult it can be to buy presents for people. Keeping this in mind, this is probably going to be the longest post I'm going to type up for Blogmas this year. 

Also, I don't know why you need to know this but spell check on my laptop doesn't like Blogmas with a lowercase 'b' but the red squiggly line doesn't appear when I type it up with a capital 'B'...

Back to my gift guide, I'm going to start with women's gift ideas first and then go from there. For those of you who haven't visited my blog before, I'm totally loyal to Superdrug in terms of health and beauty stores so I'll start with what I've found on their website. I particularly like the Anna Sui Tin Box La Vie De Bohemian because it smells amazing. One big plus is that it comes in an adorable box that you can keep to put your jewelry, makeup or whatever in. For those of you who are from America or wherever and can't access the Superdrug site, I would say that any scent would be great as a gift because who doesn't love new Christmas smellys? 
The next gift I would recommend for a woman is the Babyliss Curl Secret, it's a styling tool that I've wanted to try out for a while now. As far as I can tell it's a simple way of creating bouncy curls minus the burns you get when you wrap your tresses around a barrel. I've liked the look of this since I saw it in a music video for The Saturdays, I can't remember which video but it was a great demonstration of the function. This item is a little bit pricey but I think that it will more than make up for the cost with the usage because it's a great product for everyday use-WITH HEAT PROTECTION!!!

Straying away from the Superdrug site, I know that I feel great sleeping in new pyjamas on Christmas night so I searched for a super comfy pair to add to this gift guide. The Pink Button Through Flannel Pyjamas from Next are a great example of cosy wintertime nightwear because they aren't overly soft and fluffy so you don't overheat too easily but they aren't too thin so you're freezing your butt off. They are £28 so if you don't want to spend quite as much on a pair of pyjamas you could always pay a visit to Primark and maybe get more than one pair. Actually, I'm wearing a pair very similar from Asda George that have lasted me since last Christmas so it just goes to show that Christmas shopping doesn't have to break the bank. 
Another gift you could get from Next is the Letter Writing Set which is a fantastic stocking filler for the women in your life who like to write. It's cute and would look amazing just sat on the desk at either home or at work. I would have added this in my Cute Stocking Fillers post last week but I realised I would be doing a post like this for Blogmas so I saved it and featured more beauty gifts instead. Anyway, you don't have to buy this exact letter writing set due to the fact that they are sold in bookstores, gift shops and other random places which is great because it's a very welcome addition to this gift guide.

Next I am going to go through some gifts for men, some of them are inspired by gifts either my mum or myself has bought for my dad and brother in the past. 

This first idea is a VEHO PORTABLE 360, it's quite a neutral gift for men because pretty much everyone loves music so you can't really go wrong with it. It connects via bluetooth to iPhones, androids, laptops and netbooks so it's versatile in that way and it comes in different colours. You can buy portable speakers to fit the needs and personality of the person you are buying it for, you can buy one for a woman too if that's what you think they would like one. Like I said, pretty much everyone loves music so it's a great simple gift that you could even use as a general stocking filler if you are struggling for ideas. 
For this next idea Superdrug is making a reappearance in my gift guide because this is my default idea if all else fails. Shower gel and aftershave. The amount of times I've gotten my dad either or both of those is getting ridiculous because he doesn't exactly hint at what he wants for Christmas. I didn't know that Baylis & Harding did a mens range, I just stupidly assumed that they didn't but since I love their women's range I've added the Baylis & Harding Men's Skin Spa Noir Wash Bag Gift Set to the guide. The products come in a handy travel bag which is great because it means they are easy to pack for nights away. 
Another great thing I've found to buy for men is a poker set, I know that it's not just limited to men but it's something you're more likely to see on a mans list. The PartyPoker 300 Chip Deluxe Poker Set is something that is likely to be a great source of party entertainment over the festive period. This particular set is meant for 6 players so it can be played with multiple friends which further supports what I said about it being a great source of party entertainment. Smaller sets are available on the same site which is just the Argos one linked in the name. 

Last but certainly not least, I'm going to type up some gifts I think are great for children because that's the most fun part in Christmas shopping and it's much easier to choose if you know the type of gift your child would like or the general trends. 

Frozen is the big trend this year and rightly so, I love that film, it's one of the least crappy new age Disney films that have dragged down the classics. Just to keep this section of the gift guide gender neutral, I've chosen to add in the Frozen Sing-Along DVD. This will either have parents tearing their hair out or singing along obnoxiously but either way I'd love to have this version. The songs are catchy and the characters are endearing and a mega load of children have been loving this film since it came out a year ago-it's just a bonus that it's the sing-along edition. 

Next up is the Furby Boom. It was last year that Furby's came back into stores with a brand new version and whilst the new ones don't go berserk in the night, they do malfunction quite a bit more due to their digital quality. That being said, I've heard plenty of children begging for one and even though I'm passed that stage, I think I'd still enjoy having one at the age of 19. I had many of the old ones when I was younger, I was really confused when they got the new image though because the original ones better in my opinion. The original models can be found online (Ebay, perhaps...) or at bootsales if anyone would like one of those. 

This is all that I'm putting in my gift guide but if people need any more ideas you can ask me over Twitter and I'll be more than happy to help. I hope this at least gave those of you who are struggling a few tips or ideas.


  1. Cozy pajamas are one of my favorites

  2. Yess!! Frozen♡ Olaf is precious

    1. He really is! I love that he's a snowman and he loves the summer, haha!