Tuesday, 30 December 2014

30th Day Of Blogmas: Best Friend Appreciation (The Best Friend Tag) Ft. KatherineJazz

Since it's nearly 2015 and I haven't posted enough about the pain in the arse I call a best friend, I've gotten together with Kate to do this collaboration post. She'll be posting her version of the tag around the same time so be sure to check that out. 

Also, take a look at that rather fetching photo of her... It's so old I can't even remember when it was taken, she doesn't let me take photos of her very often so it's a rare one of few!

When and how did we first meet?
We met at the end of September in 2007 when I transferred over to Spennymoor School, the PE teacher made her keep an eye on me but I ditched her. We ended up hanging out anyway because we had mutual friends, I think we were both a bit wary about each other at first. 

What is your best friend's biggest fear?
Spiders. She hates them with a passion, she has a pure fear of them and she literally just freezes, screams and cries if she sees one. 

What's your best friend’s favorite TV show?
Doctor Who is Kate's favourite TV show, more specifically when David Tennant was the doctor. She does love others but Doctor Who is right at the top of her list. Some of her other favourites are Sherlock and American Horror Stories which is a good thing because they are mine too!

What favorite memory do you two share?
There are quite a few things I could say in answer to this question, I'm going to go for the time we were sat in the back of the car talking about our favourite music. I didn't know the name of my favourite song at the time so she looked for her favourite song, we played it and then realised we were both talking about the same song.

Which is your best friend’s favorite season and why?
Kate loves Winter! It involves her birthday, Christmas, snow and loads of presents so of course she loves it, she's even thinking of getting a snowflake tattoo sometime in the New Year. I tend to call her Mrs Claus because she starts celebrating Christmas in August and her bedroom looks like Santa's Grotto. 

What is your best friend’s dream job?
She would love to own a bookstore in Whitby, I always wanted to own a tea room there so we've discussed merging the two one day. It's sort of a joint dream job so I can imagine that her answer for this will be relatively similar. 

Can you describe your best friend in one word?

Thanks for reading, I'll be posting my New Years resolutions tomorrow if anyone's interested.