Thursday, 4 December 2014

4th Day Of Blogmas: Decoration Wishlist

Sorry about the late arrival of this post, I've had a busy day and I've only really just gotten a moment to myself. This is a post I've really looked forward to doing so I'll try not to rush it whilst I'm trying to hit my target of posting this out before the 5th. These are just a few of my favourite Christmas decorations that can be found online right now. 

  • Pluto Christmas Tree Chimes Tealight Holder from John Lewis; This piece is very simple but also very decorative, it can be placed in your living room, in your bathroom or even in your bedroom and not look out of place. It comes in two different styles, the tree one to the right or one that features angels. I personally prefer this one but it's on the site if anyone feels like they would prefer it. 
  • Emma Bridgewater Christmas Joy Candle also from John Lewis; It's an item that would go with a more classically themed decorative set. I can imaging this in a room full of really homely designs and perhaps a few pieces of holly. That's just my opinion cropping up, yet again, you could also place this in a more eclectic style mix to give it a dash of colour.
  • Lit Champagne Berry Heart from Next; Placed in a bedroom, this decoration can last all year round, especially if you have a shabby chic styled room. For Christmas, however, this is a very subtle hint and can make a lighter shaded theme seem more warm and cosy.
  • Red Merry Xmas Tree also from Next; This is probably the most contemporary item on my wishlist, I just love it as a quick and easy way to transition the home into full on Christmas mode.
  • VINTERFINT from Ikea; These are adorable to arrange on your table and use during Christmas time, four of them come in a pack so you can use them to entertain guests. These can go on a dining table, a breakfast table, a coffee table... Wherever you like! Besides, do you really need an excuse to browse through Ikea?
Theses are just a few items that I hope inspired you to get festive in your home this month, do you have anything on your decoration wishlist? 

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