Friday, 5 December 2014

5th Day Of Blogmas: 5 Pictures That Make Me Smile

Instead of doing a post on Christmas books I'm going to do 5 pictures that make me smile because I haven't actually read any Christmassy themed books yet this year. The pictures aren't going to be Christmas related but Christmas is supposed to be a happy holiday so here we go!

The image to the left is of Alisha and I, she tried to put eyeliner on me when she was drunk and this selfie just sort of happened. I still had red hair when this was taken so it's just strange to look at this and think it was only at the beginning of the year.

The next picture that makes me happy is this one, left to right is Autumn, Becky, myself and Leanne. It was taken on my birthday this year, we stopped in the middle of a bridge to take this so we got a few weird looks from people as they walked past.

This image is from the train journey on the way to Comic Con, Becky went as Arrow and I just included a Sherlock fan t-shirt into my outfit. This was back from when I had bright yellow hair earlier this year after my biggest dye disaster. 

I went to Tenerife earlier this year and this image was taken when my dad took, me, my brother and my sister whale watching. I actually really enjoyed it which is saying something because I usually hate being on a boat. I guess the lovely weather, family time and sangria kept my spirits up! It's probably the best quality family photo that I have so it's quite special to me, even if my mum wasn't there, she fell asleep back at the complex. 

The final image of my Blogmas post is of me, my great-gran, my cousin and my gran. It was taken when we all went to see Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie. I don't see my gran often because she lives in Hong Kong so it was great to spend a little bit more time with her on her last UK visit. Thanks for taking the time to look at my picture orientated post, what photos make you smile?