Saturday, 6 December 2014

6th Day Of Blogmas: Christmas Shopping

I finally got around to doing my Christmas shopping today, I've been planning on doing it since October but then I went on holiday and other things cropped up. I'm not going to say what I've gotten everyone because that would obviously spoil the surprise but I am going to list a few shops I think have great Christmas gifts on sale.

Boots have plenty of gift sets on sale including ones from Nandos and Starbucks which you wouldn't exactly expect to be on sale in that kind of store. I personally loved the BLEACH London range, I bought two of the BLEACH Baubles for myself and very nearly bought some of the other items from that range.

Primark always have the most adorable Christmas pyjamas on sale. Then again, I love their nightwear throughout the year. I have to admit that a few people have some stocking fillers from me this year that have come from Primark, they do a great range of festive gifts.

Whilst I was out today I noticed that Claire's Accessories have a fantastic festive range this year, I initially went in to buy my sister a new hairband, not for Christmas, just to style her new haircut but I ended up spending quite a bit in there.

That's all for Blogmas today, has anyone else noticed any Christmas deals?  

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