Sunday, 7 December 2014

7th Day Of Blogmas: Wishlist

For my seventh Blogmas post I'm just going to link in some things that I've seen recently that I want but I haven't had the funds to buy for myself. As the title says, this is a wishlist which I actually really enjoy doing these. I get more views from posts like this that I enjoy than from the ones that I quickly type on-the-go just for the sake of posting. 

The first item on my wishlist is the Polaroid CUBE, the official site describes it as the Sports Lifestyle Action Video Camera and whilst I'm not a particularly sporty person I do have quite a clumsy nature so the durability of this camera would be ideal. I've wanted a decent camera of my own for a while now so I think I'll probably buy one after Christmas.

Next up on my wishlist is the Crosley Cruiser Retro Turntable. I've wanted a turntable for even longer than I've wanted a decent camera and that's saying something because I really want one of those. The effect of music is much better played through a turntable than a laptop, a phone, a tablet or a stereo and because I'm not great at explaining this like that I'll just say that it's something to do with the acoustics. I picked this particular model because it's quite small and easy to store when it's not uses, besides, I love the colour of it. 

I've already got two 5 Seconds Of Summer shirts but I really want the IDIOT BASEBALL SHIRT because it's very subtly a fan shirt and I love the general baseball shirt design. I've been wanting to see 5sos for ages but I've never gotten the chance, my friend has just been dragged down to my level and she actually likes them now. So yeah, either this shirt or some concert tickets would be nice just for future reference. 

The last item on my wishlist is the Paris Country Crest Backpack. I love the size and shape of this bag, it compliments the smart casual style of the piece which would mix in really well with the rest of my wardrobe. 

Thanks for checking out my wishlist, I enjoy reading wishlists so just comment with a link if you've posted your own recently. 

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