Monday, 8 December 2014

8th Day Of Blogmas: Photo Diary (My Trip To London)

This post is going to act as a warning, don't blog when you're hungry because that's all you end up writing about.

Last week I was called away for an unexpected training session in London to be a brand ambassador for a day. It turned out that I only had to be in training for an hour and a half so I got pretty much a free trip to London to do what I wanted. 

The first image in my photo diary is basically just a picture of the Yorkshire Tea that I bought on the train and some spice cake, I got really excited over the fact that they sold Yorkshire Tea on the train. I guess it was just nice to have my favourite brand on the train whilst I was travelling.

I got into a bit of a panic because I'd never had to travel that far on my own but AJ let me stay at hers and she cooked the most amazing pie, seriously, it was so yummy! To the right is Jeffrey the Christmas tree from her flat, her old granny style rocking chair is also making an appearance.

The next image is one I took of the London Eye, I went into total tourist mode and took all sorts of photos like this one. I was just sort of wandering towards the Christmas market with AJ's cousin Hollie. I have to admit that it was her that managed the Underground, I just sort of followed her, I'm useless with things like that! 

We stopped off for some lunch because we had only eaten chocolate porridge for breakfast but it wasn't all that filling. I chose the spicy tomato and basil soup in hopes of warming up and some sort of green smoothie because I'm healthy like that. I did end up wishing I had eaten something more substantial but it was still a really nice mix and it was spicier than I expected which was a plus.

We finally got around to searching the Christmas market after some complaining about the cold and if I'm being honest the one in Darlington is more bulky and diverse than the one on South Bank. Not everything was a disappointment, I did love the little soap and candle stores and the many food stalls. 
After freezing our butts off we decided to get some warm cider from the Swedish looking part of the market place and whilst I can't remember or pronounce the name of the cider house it was lovely. The whole place really looked authentic and most of the furnishings were really earthy and natural so it was a great place to just sit and warm up. 

We then set off for our training at the Richmond Hill Hotel which looked like a winter wonderland, which reminds me, we didn't actually get to go to Winter Wonderland. Anyway, the whole place was done up all Christmassy and once we actually got to the training room we got tea and scones which sort of held me off until I got back onto the train.

This has been a very brief photo diary of my trip to London, has anyone else been to London recently?

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