Tuesday, 9 December 2014

9th Day Of Blogmas: Winter Coffee Recipe

So it's my day off and since I usually go out and visit Spennymoor, I figured I should have a lazy day in. It's so nice to get a bit of peace and quiet, I'm currently sat in my comfiest leggings and my leavers hoodie with Titanic playing as I blog. This Blogmas post is just going to be a recipe for how I like to make coffee on a cold winters day, I'm currently sat with a mug of it right now. Yummy.

I like to have very milky coffee so I don't add any water, I either heat up the milk in the microwave or I put the right amount in a pan on the hob. If you have chosen to use a microwave I advise that you heat up the milk for at least one minute and forty seconds before checking the temperature and heating up the milk for a further forty seconds at least.

Next put the milk in a measuring jug along with one and a half teaspoons of coffee and half a teaspoon of mixed spices. This recipe is for instant coffee granules but I personally prefer powdered coffee, it's stronger so you only need one teaspoon of it unless you like really strong coffee. 

The addition of the mixed spices comes with the seasonal theme of the post, I think that the mixed spices give the coffee a more festive taste and it sort of adds to the flavour rather than adding syrup. You could just use cinnamon, nutmeg or something else along those lines but I think the blend gives it a fuller yet more subtle taste.

Make sure that you mix it up thoroughly with either a whisk or a fork to prevent the coffee and the mixed spices from clumping up and not mixing with the milk. Sweeten to taste and pour into a mug of your choice.


  1. I love this recipe!! So easy to do too :)

  2. I love coffee! Can't wait to try these