Monday, 1 December 2014

Monday OOTD And Morning Ramblings

This isn't a very good image but here's what I'm wearing today, it's quite simple but it's rather neutral and keeps me warm in the office. 

The jumper is from Primark, it's quite plain so I added the scarf from Namasté to break it up a bit and to go with my nails that are an orangey reddish colour at the moment. Namasté is my favourite shop to buy scarves from I have a very similar one in blue and purple.

As for trousers, I am wearing light blue jeggings from ASOS which I love because I've been wanting some lighter trousers for ages. I know you can only really see the colour and not what they look like on but they are so easy to style. I know you can't see these either but my shoes are heeled cut out boots from Primark.

It's going to be a long day at work today, I have a meeting with a graphic designer and a lot needs to be done with the CDFHS Twitter account. That's all okay though because Kerry Katona followed me on my personal account this morning so I'm smiling like an idiot at my desk. 

What's everyone else up to? If you get a chance you can check out my BLOGMAS post for day 1, it's about winter comfort food. 

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