Monday, 22 December 2014

My Fashion Wishlist (Monochrome)

Hello! Since I've just been clearing out my wardrobe I'm in the mind-frame to make a wishlist to bulk up my wardrobe again. All of my summer stuff is packed away and ready for next year but I noticed that what I actually have for winter is a bit on the sparse side so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to blog for the fashion section because I haven't done many posts about that for while. Blame Blogmas.

The first item on my wishlist is the Black and White Printed Jumper by Sinequanone, I found it on the Sylvie Quentin site, I've seen a few items that I love on there so it's worth a quick visit if you are in need of a wardrobe re-vamp. I particularly love this jumper because it's black and white and I tend to keep my wardrobe quite simple. The bold patterns make up for the fact that the colours aren't vibrant and bright so it's great to wear on a general sort of day. I also adore the fact that it's a very fine sort of furry material, I have always liked jumpers of that texture.

Another item that I found on the Sylvie Quentin site is the Open Cardigan by Axara. Yet again, this is a black and white piece so it can go with just about anything. The zig-zag pattern is great because a lot of my clothes are block colours so it would be really flattering to wear with a plain coloured t-shirt, cami, top or whatever. I can imagine this cardigan being really easy to style and I could stretch the usage to 3/4 seasons. The site says that it's perfect for chilly days and I can't help but agree. I for one hate having to wear too many layers so this is a great piece when it comes to just throwing something on quickly as I leave the door.

River Island are hit and miss for me but this Black Longline Jersey Kimono is amazing and I'd love to buy or receive one of these. I loved the kimono trend over the summertime so I love that piece allows the trend to be carried over into winter. The site describes the piece by saying that 'this longline kimono is the perfect style to throw on for instant, effortless layering. Featuring a flowing fit, unfastened design and two front pockets'. As I've said plenty of other times, I love effortless style because I'm really prone to over-sleeping when I have important things to get to. This piece can be worn for work, for parties or just to lounge around with friends so it's really versatile. 

Also on the River Island site is this Dark Grey Striped Blanket Cape. I absolutely adore the shape of this piece. It's flattering and hides any lumps and bumps that you might want covering. I would really like to get this item or at least a similar one sometime in the new year. I'm a bit of a tassel fiend, I have a fair amount of tasseled scarves blocking up my wardrobe and that's even after my big clear-out earlier. 

These are just a few items that I've recently seen that I would love, are there any items you would add? 

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