Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Organic Matcha Smoothie (Matcha Green Tea Review + Recipe)

I recently applied to review Organic Green Tea Matcha from Kiss Me Organics via Blogging Assignments, they got back to me on the same day and I was given the link to order the product. I did test this for free but my review is 100% accurate. Anyway, I made a green tea fruit smoothie on the day that I recieved the product and I'm still making one-a-day. So far it has done what it has said it would do, I have felt much more energised throughout the day, my skin has started to clear up and I feel much more focused.

For this recipe you will need:
The recipe is simple and providing you have a blender, anyone can do it. I will admit, however, that the smoothie itself isn't particularly attractive and by looking at it I can guarantee that you won't want to drink it. Appearances are deceiving though because I actually really enjoy drinking them so if you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle it's something I definitely recommend.

Right, lets get started. 

First I chopped up the banana into medium sized slices so they could be blended with easy before moving on to the apple, coring it and chopping it into small slices. 

I added the fruit to the blender before pouring in the orange juice, I used about 500ml because I like to have a decent amount of smoothie before I go to work.

Next I added two teaspoons of the Matcha powder and half a teaspoon of the mixed spices to give it a festive kick. 

Then I just blended it and poured half of it into a glass before finishing it and drinking the other half of the smoothie.

It's as simple as that.

As I previously said, it's great if you lead a healthy lifestyle and whilst it didn't say it was a detox product, I found that it was almost like a cleanser. It has so far left me feeling refreshed and much more awake than I was before I started using the product. 


  1. looks really good, i've been meaning to order some matcha myself

    xx shades of danielle // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

    1. It's actually really good, I received it as a bloggers trial but it turned out that it really worked for me.