Monday, 26 January 2015

Big Girls You're Beautiful! Just Curvy Fashion

I'm not a plus-size blogger but I know how difficult it can be to find high quality fashion that fits to the curvier shape. It's time to embrace your curves and find fashion that accentuates your beautiful shape. Just Curvy is an affordable plus-size fashion brand with some incredibly flattering pieces that are well worth investing in if you're revamping your wardrobe. 

They do a wide range of styles so whether you are looking for comfy and versatile jeans or an outfit for a nightout, Just Curvy have you covered. Most of their pieces focus on shape wear so you don't have to worry about little things like a larger bust which can be an issue when picking out plus size clothing. Speaking of larger busts, Just Curvy have an amazing lingerie line that doesn't look dated or ugly like many lines that do. There isn't much to choose from at the moment but what they do have is very classic and comfortable.

The Beige Strappy Contrast Pencil Midi Bodycon Dress is perfect for those of you who don't wear dresses or skirts often, a pencil design is always great for when you want to wear a dress but don't like showing too much skin. Also, if you don't like to show your arms you can pair this dress with a bolero or a blazer in black or perhaps a nude tone to keep the look subtle. I personally like the neutral look best but you can't really go wrong with a good blazer, they go with so many outfits and dress up a casual outfit in seconds.

Just Curvy do jumpers and knitwear too so if you're struggling to find a cute jumper for the colder months then look no further! This Grey Angora Mix Jumper With Black Printed Polka Dots is a perfect casual item for the transition between winter and spring, it's not too thick yet it still has the ability to keep the wearer warm. Also, since the item is grey and black it is really easy to style. I would personally pair it with some comfy black jeans, a leather jacket, black wedge boots and a brightly coloured bag. 

As you can tell, Just Curvy produces some fantastic pieces that are so easy to style and when you're paying so little for them it's so hard not to go overboard. The fact that they are so easy to style is a great plus in my book because I know how difficult it is to choose an outfit in a rush. I know I can't be the only person that sleeps in on the odd occasion only to remember that I needed to be up earlier to pick out an outfit and get ready. 
Since I've mentioned comfy jeans a few times I think it's only fitting that I show you a pair that I find utterly adorable. The Blue Denim Wash Wrinkle Effect Jeans are very flattering and because they have the wrinkle effect they have a very casual undone look about they yet you could pair them with a blazer and cute blouse for a date or a lunch meeting. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Just Curvy and general plus-size fashion if you could take a second to comment below.


  1. That polka dot jumper is so cute x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  2. I like the dress, I have one in the same style but different colours and it's really flattering on :)

    1. I bet it does! It's just such a versatile dress, it compliments just about every body shape.

  3. It's just so fantastic that there's now more options for curvy women. Check out our blog: We're also an up-and-coming fashion label that caters to women of ALL shapes and sizes through our signature wrap skirts that are not just trendy, they're work/office/school appropriate and they'll endure your day-to-day life.