Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dressing For Valentines Day: MK Collab

Throw away notions of some clich├ęd bright pink and red Valentines outfit, this holiday doesn't need to be tacky. The overuse of those colours during Valentines Day is expected and I find it quite lazy to just stick with the traditional colour scheme. Instead go for something classic like a little black dress, it's easy to style and you can't really go wrong! It's also really easy to break up the plain style with accessories and a pop of colour, it gives you that extra bit of freedom to mix up your style.

This post is based on fashion designed by Marisa Kenson for MK Collab so after thinking of a base for this post I found the Kate Dress. This particular piece is both comfortable and classy, I love how simple this piece is for the reason that with a little black dress you don't need to look for some elaborate design to look fantastic. The Kate Dress is actually a cut out shift dress but it wouldn't require any type of special bra so that's another plus, just the right amount of skin is showing without being inappropriate. It's also quite a stretchy fabric so it's a very contouring design that flatters most body shapes though because it's cut out at the back I would say no to a belt. This dress is very reminiscent of something Victoria Beckham would wear, she goes for simple and classy LBD's as her signature style and it has always worked for her. 

The Joan Nude Jacket is something light that could be added to the black dress as a way to ensure that the it gets the maximum effect. The jacket is a waterfall style so for those of you who are self conscious, you can use it as a way of disguising your lumps and bumps. I love the nude pink shade of the piece against the black of the dress because it adds a very feminine touch to the more dark and edgy look of the dress. I would personally find some simple nude stilettos in a similar yet different shade of nude as a way to create a more subtle look rather than sticking to an all black theme. As I previously mentioned, the contrast in the colours breaks up the block colour of the black quite nicely. The jacket is pictured with the matching Connie Dress but whilst I do love the design, I don't like the single colour look. 

The third and final MK Collab item I would add to this look is the Faithful Necklace, it keeps up with the nude pink look and it adds yet another feminine touch to break up the block colour of the dress. The large design of the necklace makes this item a statement piece, I personally love the way it looks with the other two pieces from MK Collab. You could also wear this necklace with a plain jumper and jeans to dress up the look for work or a lunch date with friends, either way it's worth investing in a statement necklace in the long run. 

The whole look tied together is very versatile; it can be worn to work, to meetings, to parties and of course on a Valentines date. I love this look as an alternative to the red, high maintenance and obvious outfit choice that tends to be chosen in a panic by girls everywhere.

The copyright of the images belongs to MK Collab.

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