Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hot Chocolate

So I got one of those mug and hot chocolate mix sets for Christmas but I didn't have enough to share it with my brother and sister so I went out and bought some of the Options Belgian Chocolate mix to add. Of course once I bought the extra hot chocolate mix I was dragged into buying whipped cream, marshmallows and decorative sprinkles.

Before I say what I did I just wanted to mention that I didn't add any sugar or sweeteners because I find it makes the drink too sickly. That's personal opinion so sugar or sweetener is an optional ingredient.

To make the creamy goodness pictured to the left I heated milk in a pan that was a little bit too small for the amount that I made. Rather than adding hot water I just used milk because I think that hot chocolate is better when it's creamy rather than when it's done with measures of both water and milk. 

I then added a mixture of the two hot chocolate powders and whisked it all together. Once I was satisfied with the heat of the drink I mixed in a pinch of mixed spices to add a little more flavour, turned off the hob and poured the hot chocolate into three mugs. 

Next came the fun part, I added the whipped cream to cover the top of the drinks and sprinkled on some marshmallows and decorative sprinkles to make the drinks look pretty. 

It tasted lovely but it's not something I drink often, I play up to the British stereotype and drink a lot of tea (Yorkshire Tea because that's the best out there!) and I occasionally drink coffee at work. What is everyone elses preference?