Friday, 30 January 2015

January Favourites

My January Favourites post isn't going to be quite as extensive as my previous favourites posts but I've still got quite a bit to say about what I have loved this month. As usual I'm going to mention more than just beauty favourites, I like to keep my posts as varied as possible so I will factor in television shows I've loved and music I've been listening to. 

This month I've been quite experimental with my skincare, I've used quite a range of products. I started with Micellar Water by Garnier, it made my skin feel clean but I found that it didn't really clear up my skin so I moved back onto the Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner from Superdrug. The tea tree in the product reduced redness but did little for my pores. Once both of those products were finished I bought the Olay Cleansing Milk and the Refreshing Toner to go with it, I used them after a Montagne Jeunesse Black Seaweed Peel-Off Masque and I got immediate results. My pores reduced in visibility, my skin felt refreshed, cleansed and much softer. I have since continued to use  the Cleansing Milk and the Refreshing Toner but I noticed that after a few days my skin began to dry out so if you are planning on trying them I would recommend that you apply a liberal amount of moisturiser afterwards. 

The Barely There White Lily and Sweet Rose Blossom Body Spray from Wilkinson's was something that came in a giftset I got at Christmas, it has since been one of my favourite products to use after the bath. It has a very sweet, rather talcy sort of smell to it that makes me feel relaxed and fresh after use. 

I think I might have mentioned the Bleach London Split Fix Serum in my last favourites post, I can't quite remember whether or not I did. Either way it's something that I've re-bought this month and used a lot, I particularly love to use it when I create a messy ponytail look. I section off my overgrown fringe at the front with clips, gather my hair up into a messy ponytail and put it into a bobble. I then let my fringe out of the clips and because my hair is naturally wavy I just backcomb it slightly before applying the serum to both my fringe and the ponytail to give it an undone yet polished look. 

I recently posted a review on the Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3, I've used it just about excessively this month because despite the fact that the shades look similar it's really easy to mix and match the shades to create unique looks. Since I posted the review, I have tried out many different looks throughout the month and I'm slowly improving with my application methods. Depending on my mood I can fancy either a really subtle and neutral style or a more grungy look, the only issue is that the texture doesn't really have staying power in the crease. Either way I do love this product so I can forgive Revolution for that tiny negative. 

This month I received a 14 Day Teatox from Slendertoxtea, I haven't completed the full course yet but I already feel much less bloated. I love starting my day with it because as well as cleansing, I find that it energises me and makes me feel more awake. In the 14 Day Teatox you get a pack of daytime tea and a pack of nighttime tea, at first I found that the product didn't sit well with me but once I reduced the brewing time I really started to enjoy it. 

Moving onto my non health/beauty favourites, I recently watched the penultimate episode and the finale of American Horror Story: Freak Show  and it completely blew my mind. I loved how they linked back to the prior seasons, it was subtle when they could have gone really overboard so kudos to the writers! Also, it's the second time that Jessica Lange has totally nailed a death scene in the series. It was emotional, heart-warming and completely appropriate just like in Asylum when her character slipped away. I have heard that she doesn't want to do any more episodes so I'm slightly worried about their possible future line-up if they are planning on creating more, Jessica Lange is amazing.

As for music favourites, I haven't been listening to current music as much this month because I've reverted back to some old favourites. My Chemical Romance and the All American Rejects have been constantly on replay since I heard them again on the music channels. I've had a full playlist of both artists on but my favourites by MCR have been Teenagers, Mama and Na Na Na. As for the All American Rejects, I've particularly loved Beekeepers Daughter, I Wanna and Fast And Slow.

These have been my favourites this month, what has everyone else been loving?


  1. That looks such a good palette x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. It really is! There's a shade in there that compliments every eye colour!