Monday, 5 January 2015

Mani Monday: 2014

I haven't actually done my nails for todays post, I was going to make them look all adorable but then I ended up catching up on housework, baking and reading so it just didn't happen. Just to keep the Mani Monday pattern, I decided to write a nail related post anyway so I'm just going to blog about nail designs I did in 2014.

The glitzy look I created for my Step By Step Frozen Nails tutorial turned out better than I thought they would. I actually didn't plan for them to be Frozen inspired but the further I got in the design, the more I took inspiration from Elsa's dress. I liked the set up of the blog post that featured this design, it was easy to write and it was nice to think about how I created them as I typed it up. I plan on doing more step by step tutorials throughout 2015 so be on the look out for those as the year goes on. 

Another design I did in 2014 was the Minion themed one that was featured in my NAILS NAILS NAILS post. I was going to do a step by step post for this design but in the end I just added it onto a list of some of the nails designs I had done in the past for my friend. It was a really fun look to create, Despicable Me 2 had just came out in the cinemas to I was inspired to do this design. I saw something similar in Teen Vogue so I adapted it slightly and asked my friend if I could use her as a hand model.

This is a design I did fairly recently, I had just bought the Rimmel London Disco Ball Top Coat so I decided to do my nails nice for around Christmas time. I blogged about them because I like Subtle Glittery Nails and I figured they would be a nice inspiration for people who don't get them done professionally or don't/can't spend hours on getting perfect, intricate designs on their nails for New Year.

The image to the right shows a nail design I hastily did before going to work one day, the post that featured this picture wasn't focused on the nails. They were just in the shot because I wanted to show everyone my adorable hot water bottle inspired hand warmer. I really like colours together and the fact that I did a sort of feature nail, it dresses up a simple nail look so that they are more versatile in terms of style. They can be worn for parties, for work or wherever your going because they aren't childish or too plain which can sometimes be a hard factor to work with.

Thanks for reading my hast Mani Monday post, next week will be more planned! (Promise)


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    1. Thanks hun! I don't actually have GFC but I'll follow you on bloglovin right now. :) xx