Friday, 9 January 2015

My Accessory Wishlist (Fashion Friday)

I'm not going to lie, my sense of style can be quite boring at times. It's not because I really like I try to be boring I just don't want to put in a lot of effort with an outfit when I can look just as good, if not better, by adding a few accessories. I tend to play it safe when it comes to style, I avoid bright colours and bold patterns but that's just the way I like to dress. Anyway, this post is going to be yet another wishlist that I have planned for Fashion Friday.

The three items kicking off my list are from The Great Frog London, I've known about them for ages and I've always wanted some of their handcrafted rings. The first ring is the Frame Ring which I really like because it's a fantastic feature ring in a vintage design so it doesn't look to modern. I love chunky rings, I haven't got many but I think this would look fantastic with any outfit. It's such a simple yet eye-catching piece, I'd love to pair it up with several slightly less chunky pieces to dress up my hand a bit. You could wear this item with both formal and casual outfits though I would use it as an everyday sort of ring.

The second item from The Great Frog London is the Decorative Stone Setting Ring, it kind of reminds me of Merlin... I'm not sure why, it just has that sort of look to it, I think that the design of this piece is very mystic and fairytale like. The stone is the most beautiful shade of light purple, the site doesn't specify what type of stone it is but it's fits perfectly with the rest of the design. Due to the fact that the stone is such a subtle shade, you could probably wear this with most outfits. I would be able to anyway because most of my outfits are either monochrome or pastel anyway. This is yet another ring that would look fantastic complimented by several smaller and more simple rings.

The third and final item from The Great Frog London that I am featuring in this wishlist is the Rose Ring. This one is probably the more simple of the three but nonetheless pretty. I feel like I've seen this one somewhere before but I love it anyway. This one would be great to wear alongside another feature ring to jazz up a look but it could also work on its own. It really just depends on how bold you like to be with your accessories, you might want to keep it subtle or you might want to make a statement. Really, I love most of The Great Frog London's jewellery but I'm most partial to their rings.

The next three items are from Regal Rose, this is another I utterly adore so it took a while to narrow the number down to three for this wishlist. The first item that I'm putting on this wishlist from Regal Rose is the Orsa. Crystal Back Drop Choker, it's really quite different and it would perfectly compliment a backless dress. It's not particularly bold or jazzy but it is a simple piece that works well with rather plain outfits to create a classic yet plain look. I think this piece would also highlight any back tattoos for those of you who have them, I don't personally have any yet but you never know. 

The second item from Regal Rose that I wanted to work into my wishlist is the Jumana Mini. Tibetan Septum Ring-Clip. It means I wouldn't have to get my septum pierced to wear such an item and I could still experiment with it in. I would probably compliment this piece by wearing small jeweled earrings rather than anything too bold because then it would overpower the look. Regal Rose actually have a proper septum ring for those of you who have a piercing but I don't so this one is ideal for me. I'd get my septum pierced but I don't think many interviewers take to kindly to facial piercings so I'll just use pieces like this one for the moment.

The final item I'm mentioning from Regal Rose in my wishlist is the Hadya. Crystal Choker Harness. I've seen celebrities and bloggers wearing these all over the place so I've been wanting to try one for ages, This is something I would wear over a simple tank top to glam it up a bit on a night out or over a plain dress to give it a feature. It means you don't have to layer up on necklaces or go overboard with accessories to dress up a plain/neutral outfit.

I'll not add anything else to the list because I've notice how long this list has become but what is everyone else wanting in terms of accessories? 


  1. Oh lovely - a bit too 'gothic' (if that's the word I'm looking for) for my style but I've seen celebs wearing those chokers for a while now and do think they look good on the right person #nebrilliantbloggers

    1. You can find smaller more delicate chokers that look more neutral, I know what you mean though.