Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Weekly Playlist

This week I've had a lot of time for music, I've played it when I've been out and about (with headphones of course), I've played it when I've been at home alone and I've played it when I've been in the bath. I've chosen my most listened to songs of this week so you can see what I've deemed to be the most enjoyable music of the week.

Uptown Funk is a song that I've liked since the end of last year and it's just this week made its way onto my playlist. It's upbeat and very 70's like the rest of Bruno Mars' music, I think him and Mark Ronson made an excellent team so kudos to them! I've also been listening to Fleur East's version of the song, it's different yet still obviously the same.

Lips Are Moving by Megan Trainor is incredibly catchy and whilst All About That Bass got on my nerves I have to admit that Megan makes really good music. When I watched the video I found that I particularly liked the random guest appearances made by YouTubers and vloggers, it's always nice to recognise the extras in the background. 

Up by Olly Murs featuring Demi Lovato is utterly fantastic, before I heard the song I didn't know how their voices would work together but they sound great together. Hopefully this won't be the last time that they work together because Up is a brilliant song to listen to whatever your mood is.

Blank Space by Taylor Swift has been stuck in my head for days now, then again most of her songs do that. I think that after all this time that she's been in the music industry she's definitely picked up on what her audience wants and she knows what makes a good song.

Riding On My Bike from McBusted's self titled album has grown on me, I hate to admit it because I told my brother it wasn't one of my favourites. I've actually been enjoying their whole album so I can't wait for their 2015 tour.

On my turntable I have been listening to Queen The Greatest Hits and La Bamba. I'm not sure why I've been listening to La Bamba but I don't really need to justify Queen. My collection of vinyls are still slowly building up and I'm able to listen to quite a mix now, I still don't have any modern pop music but I'm sure I'll get around to buying a few vinyls at some point.

These are just a few of the songs that I've been listening to this week, any suggestions or recommendations?


  1. oh i have to agree uptown funk is my fav song at the minute loving it and him , cant stop dancing to it