Monday, 26 January 2015

Post Break Catch-Up: Blog Reboot

Hello everyone, it's been almost a week since I last posted and it's been a busy one! My nana had a stroke so I looked after her until she was taken back into the hospital so I didn't have access to the internet. Anyway, it's nice to get a chance to blog again because it's my main creative outlet.

Since I've called this post a catch-up, I might as well go through some of the changes that have occurred in the past week. Like I've already waffled on about, I stayed at my nanas to look after her for a little while so the first half of the week revolved around that but since then I've been up to quite a bit of thinking about the development of my blog.

Whilst I was at my nanas house I had quite a bit of spare time so I've managed to design a logo for my blog, it won't be up for a while because it's still in the development stages. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks once it's up in digital form because it's a design I'm quite proud of. It might take quite some time though because I haven't really done much design work since I left Secondary School. Either way I've decided to revert back to the original colour scheme; orange and white. It's not like I don't like how it is now but I prefer orange to blue and it will work better with the logo when it's finally up. I'll change it all at the same time to fit in with the new blog style so it's less gradual and more effective. 

I've obviously done things other than blog development which leads me onto the next topic, I've started a SLENDERTOXTEA Teatox. I got it gifted through the Bloggers Lv Hub last week and started it on Friday. So far I already feel less bloated but I think on the first day I brewed it for too long because I seem to have a low tolerance for it. There is a note on the back of the packaging that say this but I guess you just have to work out your personal tolerance. I'm onto my fourth day of the detox so I'll keep you up to date as I go through it, I find that reading other peoples experiences with products before buying them can save a lot of money! As of yet there are no major complaints though so I'll just have to see how I go with it. I might try a different brand later in the year for comparison so I get a feel for the teatox market, I personally love the idea of detoxing with tea because tea is one of my favourite products anyway.

Since I missed my weekly playlist on Saturday, I thought I'd just mention that I've majorly gotten back into the All American Rejects. I saw one of their music videos on the music channels last week and I've had their songs on repeat ever since, I don't think there would have been a point in writing my weekly playlist anyway because I've only listened to one band. I tend to go through phases like this so just bare with me whilst I transition back into my usual varied music taste.

Thanks for reading my Blog Reboot post, my general blogging pattern should be back to normal now so expect a lot more posts to come this week! If you have any inspiration posts or ideas I'd love to read them, just let me know.

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