Friday, 9 January 2015

Things I Like About Myself And Things I Don't

I've read a lot of personal posts recently and a lot of them seem to be about either overcoming some great emotional trauma or coming to terms with body issues. All of this has given me the desire to be more open on this blog and go through my own insecurities but also the things I'm happy about. It's not just going to be about body issues, it's about my personality too so this is really just a mini self assessment.

I'm going to start with something positive, I love my waist. I have a sort of hourglass/pear shape and one thing I've come to appreciate is the fact that I have quite a prominent waist. It's always best to pick at least one thing that you actually like about your body and focus on that rather than something you are insecure about.

This leads me to mention my first negative point, since I was about 11 I have hated my legs. I wasn't comfortable with how they looked and someone in secondary school pointed out how large they though they looked "legs like tree trunks" apparently. It's something that I've never forgotten and I doubt I ever will because I wasn't the most popular kid at school but I never expected hear someone prey on my insecurities like that.

I love how most of the time I can be quite laid back and that I don't get stressed as easily as most people, I've never been one to stress about exams (except for maths but that was a close call!), I've always just kind of accepted that if I do well I do well and if I don't I can do something to rectify the mistake.

My hair texture is awful, it's been that way since I started dying my hair properly. I started with home dyes until I damaged it beyond self repair and I had to go to the hairdressers. It's coarse, frizzy and seems to have a mind of its own. At the moment I'm giving my hair a break from the dye so it's really boring, I'd much prefer to have a plum sort of shade but for the moment blonde will have to do.

Being a night owl really works for me, I get some of my best work done at night. It's the only time I get peace and quiet and whilst it does mean I sacrifice a few hours of sleep, it's well worth it because it also means I can work on my fairly new hobby of blogging.

I'm quite self conscious about my mouth. I feel like my lips are too small, my teeth aren't white enough and I get paranoid that I have something stuck in my teeth. People often notice that if I have a conversation whilst I'm eating I tend to cover my mouth with my hand.

These are the main things I thought I'd mention, what are you self conscious about? What do you love about yourself?


  1. I love this post! Everyone has their own insecurities and nothing will ever change that, but I love how you've accepted that and balanced it out with the things that you do like about yourself. I think I might do something like this on my blog in the near future!
    Megan x

  2. Such an inspiring post, this is a great way to reflect back on ourselves, appreciate what we have been given, and accept who we really are in a positive way <3


    1. Thank you so much! I think sometimes it's so difficult to accept what you are so it's great to balance the good with the bad.

  3. oh i hate it when people say i hate this and that about themselves although i do understand i think your right and people need to realise how lucky they are

    1. That's agreeable, like I said, it's all about balancing the good with the bad.