Tuesday, 6 January 2015

This Week I'm...

On Monday I wasn't at the CDFHS and everyone was at work or at school so I had a chance to catch up on vlogs from my favourite YouTubers, read posts from new blogs, plan for my own blog, get some housework done and improve on my cooking/baking skills. Once everyone returned I went to an Aqua Fit session that a friend of mine was running at a leisure in Durham, it was a laugh and it tired me out but I had a lot of fun (minus the nip slip). When that was over I sat in the steam room for about twenty minutes, I only did it because I'd never been in one before. 

I would also like to mention that yesterday I was mentioned in the blog of the lovely Tamara from My Life On A Page, her blog is well worth checking out if you get a chance. It's kind of like reading someones diary, she posts her own opinions and it's quite mixed in content i.e. beauty/makeup posts, recipes and what she's up to. 

Today I went to my grans after I dropped my sister off at school (despite being shattered from Aqua Fit) and caught up with some family I don't see often and my grans best friend. I had to get back to pick my sister up but I had a lovely parcel to come home to from Benecos which I will be posting about tomorrow night once I've had a chance to test out the products. They were samples that I requested following a Facebook conversation about blog reviews, they sent the products the same day and they arrived a day after.

The rest of my week I'll be blogging, running the CDFHS Twitter account, waiting to hear back from  a few companies about apprenticeships and basically dotting about all over the place as usual. I almost forgot that I'm sort of co-organising a bloggers meetpup, the guest list is currently full as it's reached around 40 people, it will be reopened when the list is confirmed via email later in the month.

Thanks for reading, what's everyone else been up to?

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