Thursday, 15 January 2015

Throwback Thursday: Tenerife Oct 27th - Nov 3rd 2014

Hello! Since it's so unbelievably cold and miserable here in the UK I thought I would use Throwback Thursday to reminisce about how lovely and warm it was in Tenerife last October. I actually went to Tenerife twice last year but the second time I went was nicer because it was on the warmer side of the island.

The image to the left has been included in this post because my hair went really wavy and cute, even if I do say so myself! Anyway, it was a family holiday so it wasn't exactly a wild one, though I doubt it would have been wild if I went with friends, but I really enjoyed myself. I went to the water park in Costa Adeje and saw the dolphin show but that was about the only thing like that I did. I did a lot of walking so I got to see so much that I wouldn't have seen if I had stuck by the beaten path. This included sand sculptures, unsigned artists and buskers, quirky parks, gardens and many homely businesses.

We ended up in the hotel bar most nights and for us that meant checking up on our phones and watching childrens entertainment with Jessica. I think me and my brother ended up playing one of the cocktail games where you have to collect certain items of clothing from the audience. That was... Fun. You can't really see in that picture but this was before my sister got her hair cut for The Little Princess Trust, it was very mermaid like. Then again, it always was when she had long hair. 

Speaking of hair, I avoided getting mine braided when I was there because I had it done last time and I looked like a drug lord. It was difficult to wash, I nearly had to cut some of it out in the end do lets just say it wasn't a great look for me! I did pass a lot of women out there trying to get me to let them braid my hair though, they kind of over did it on the flattery. Sales people over there are very persistent and it's very hard to shake one off once they are latched on to you so if you go to Tenerife try to avoid the sea front if you don't like being harassed at every corner.

What a lot of people don't know about me is that I really don't like boats, I'm less vocal about that than I am about my dislike of planes. I still like to travel but I just get nervous when I'm first starting out. Anyway, I never thought I would go whale watching but when we were on holiday it was on as a day trip so me, my dad, my brother and my sister went whale watching whilst my mum slept at the hotel. It was fantastic, there was a lot of whale activity and we stopped off for a swim in the ocean. I should also mention that I drank a lot of Sangria and snacks were available so that probably calmed my nerves a little bit. 

Those were the key points from my Throwback Thursday, is anyone else craving a bit of sun around about now?

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