Sunday, 11 January 2015

What Apps Are On My Phone?

I like to think that I keep my phone quite organised; I try to make sure I have enough memory so I don't have to worry about running out, I only keep apps that I use and I use folders to organise everything. As you can see from looking at the image to the left, I have folders named Media. Social and Misc (Miscellaneous). I think the names of the folders kind of speak from themselves; any music/video related apps go in the Media folder, social media and messaging goes in the Social folder and anything else goes in Misc. I also have folders for Play Store and Google but they are on the other page, I just found that there was too many Play Store and Google related apps to leave floating around. In the Play Store alone there are seven apps and in the Google folder there are 5 so it just looked cluttered before they were organised.

In my Media folder I have three Apps; YouTube, Simple Mp3 and FLVTO. YouTube is just the android app version of the main site so there aren't many differences between the two formats. I use Simple MP3 to download covers of songs onto my phone when I find ones that I particularly like. It's just a handy app to have on my phone for when I'm travelling and I want to add something to a playlist which I tend to create before travelling. FLVTO is an app I use when Simple MP3 doesn't have the song I'm looking for, it's basically a converter that changes YouTube audio into an MP3 format. It's fairly quick and easy to use so sometimes I just go straight to FLVTO rather than checking Simple MP3.

In my Social folder I have a fair amount of apps, I use a lot of social media on my phone because it's an easy way to keep in touch with friends and share my latest blog posts. I have Skype and Kik to keep in touch with my gran who lives in Hong Kong, we don't Skype often but we send each other updates via Kik a lot. Instagram is one of my favourite apps in this folder, I love sharing my images and keeping up with celebs and other bloggers through Instagram. Especially now Instagram has a direct messaging feature, I think it only became available last year. I use Twitter to keep up to date with all of the bloggers chats and to share my own content, I don't tend to use it a 140 character per post diary because I use my blog to vent. Facebook and Messenger are connected so I have both, it allows me to get in touch with friends I don't see often. I only got Snapchat because a friend made me but I do enjoy receiving the odd drunken Snapchat from various people. I use Tumblr a lot, I read amateur writers work and check out posts by photographers that I wouldn't have necessarily found without the app. I only recently got Viber, I haven't used it much but it seems to have all of the functions of Skype and Kik so I'll probably be checking that out more soon. I was pleased to find out that Blogger has an android app because I like to type up posts in advance and then keep them for posting when Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are the most busy. 

In my Misc folder I have my online banking app, Wattpad, Collage Pro and My Little App. I don't think I need to say much about my online banking app, I like having it on my phone so I can check and make transfers when I need to. Like I said with Tumblr, I read a lot by amateur writers so it's nice to have the app there for when I'm on a bus or a train when I have nothing better to do. Collage Pro is a photo editing app that I mainly use  to stick multiple pics into one image. I feel like Instagram should have a similar feature anyway but since they don't I use this app. The final app I'm going to mention is My Little App, it's a bit of a branch off the My Little Box subscription (a monthly parcel filled with mystery surprises). It offers a different free app, tip or tutorial everyday which is quite handy actually. I got my phone background from the app not that long back and I've saved plenty of their tips and tutorials to my phone.

Are there any apps you think I should be using?


  1. I dont rarely use my phone for much anything other than calls and texts, twitter , instagram and facebook memory really doesnt take much up on mine bar for photos but my pics get transferred so it dont matter , its nice ot be orgnised though x

    1. Like I said, I use mine a lot when I travel so I look for things that are going to keep me occupied. :)

    2. oh i wish i was not a hermit and got out more

  2. I can't have my social media icons in files - they need to be right on my phone home screen for easy access! LOL Thanks for linking with #NEBrilliantBloggers

  3. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award as I think your blog is amazing :) More information on my blog ( x

  4. Our phones look very similar! My husband is driven insane by my folders!!! #nebrilliantbloggers