Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What's In My Bag? (January Update)

Since the contents of my bag changes throughout the year I figured I should do a little update, I last did this post in November which you can read here but I don't think anything in my bag except for my purse is the same as then. 

For starters, I bought a new bag from Primark in the January sales. It's not particularly large but I got it for £3 reduced from £6 and it comes in handy for when I want to minimize the amount of stuff I'm carrying around.

I only started my blog at the end of 2014 but I quickly came to realise that if I wanted to keep on top of things I would need to get a diary. I schedule my posts in the diary and whilst there is no pen in the picture I tend to carry one around to write down any random ideas I get. I keep the post it notes for a similar reason, I'm trying to organise everything and keep everything in order.

I've recently started bringing Lemon and Ginger tea with me in my bag because I'm trying to cut down on caffeine and when I'm at the furniture scheme I drink a lot of it to keep warm because the office is freezing. Speaking of the office, in my last post about my bag I mentioned that I kept a charger and headphones in my bag but I've started leaving them in my desk drawer to make room in my bag for other things. 

I keep a hair bobble in my bag because I keep attempting to leave my hair down but it gets in my way later in the day so I like to have one spare in my bag. 

I used to keep my whole makeup bag in my handbag but it took up too much room and I didn't really need it in there. Instead I now like to keep a little assortment of lip products in there because it's the one product that makes me feel better about myself when I'm feeling particularly groggy or not feeling very confident. The lip products I have in there are: the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight, the Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Endless Blossom, the Barry M Matt Lipstick in Lilac and the Benecos Natural Shiny Lip Colour in Rusty Rose


  1. Your bag is super cute - primark is actually the perfect place for bags as they are reasonably cheap and look great too!

    megan xxx

    1. Primark really is great for bags, not only the price but the fact that they keep up to date with fashion trends as well as providing some of the older more classic trends. xxx