Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What's In My Jewellery Box?

I've seen this type of post floating around for a while and since I got a jewellery box for Christmas I figured now was about the right time to type this up. Most of my taste is quite simple but I do change it up a bit sometimes, the first section of the box proves that. In the earring part of the top compartment there is:
  • My sterling silver jewel encrusted heart earrings, I got these from my gran to got with the jewellery box.
  • Tinkerbell earrings, they are quite large but they are also silver and quite subtle so they are sort of the best of both worlds.
  • Two pairs of aztec styled earrings that I got from Primark with another pair but I lost the other pair.
I also have some dangly peace sign earrings in there but they wouldn't fit in the earring holder.

The rings that are in the bottom section of the upper compartment are:
  • The ring from One Directions perfume You & I, it came as part of the bottle as a sort of extra but it's cute so I have actually worn it a few times.
  • An elasticated, beaded colourful ring that my gran bought when she was on holiday. It didn't fit her so she gave it to me, it's an interesting piece and adds colour to an otherwise plain outfit.
In the top section of the upper compartment is:
  • A crystal pendant that I got for Christmas off a friend of mine quite a few years ago, it did come with a chain but I switch it about with other pendants.
  • Two charms that were given to my mum when she was stopped by a gypsy fortune teller on the streets of Blackpool, I wasn't mentioned but my brother and sister was so that's slightly worrying if you buy into all of that stuff.
  • There is a miners pin that was given to me and my brother by our great gran who's dad used to work in the pits.
  • The last item in the top compartment is the heart-shaped white gold locket that my gran bought me for my 18th birthday, I still haven't added photos to it but I will when I get round to it.
Onto the second compartment, I use this one to store away all of my bracelets:
  • Two very colourful jewelled bracelets that are quite chunky so I don't really layer them up when I wear them.
  • A charm bracelet that I got from Blackpool years ago, it was on a stall and I took a liking to it because one of the charms is Mickey mouse's head.
  • A Claire's Accessories friendship bracelet that I got with a friend of mine when we were shopping in Durham a while back.
  • A chunky pink and purple bracelet that I got from my godfather before we lost contact.
I keep my necklaces in the third and final compartment of my jewellery box. There are only three in there:
  • The Tinkerbell necklace that matches the earrings from the top compartment.
  • A simple silver necklace with beads on it that I got for Christmas off a friend a few years ago, I have a bracelet that matches but I have that in a different but that I took to London at the end of last year.
  • A necklace I got from a magazine last year, it says 'Smile' in black lettering. It's actually quite cute when you layer it up with a longer necklace.
Thanks for reading about what's in my jewellery box, do you know of any links to similar posts?


  1. That's a gorgeous jewellery box #nebrilliantbloggers

  2. i dont actually have a proper jewellery box,its just a butter cookie box with earrings,necklaces and bracelets just thrown in....i can never find that ONE PAIR OF EARRINGS I WANT!!! ( T.T )

    1. I like to wear quite simple ones, I lost my favourites so now I have to wear the other ones. :/

  3. I wish my jewellery box was just as organized. Mine has two layers. My earrings are on the top section. I have a few sterling silver ones and some Aztec styles, too. I keep my pendants and necklaces in the bottom. I've also got a charm bracelet and a locket which belonged to my Aunt in there.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers