Saturday, 28 February 2015

February Favourites

I've had a funny 'ole time this month; I've been to London, I've been lost a million times and I've started a new job. All of these things have lead to me accumulating a few favourites worth sharing so as usual that's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to start with some skincare favourites because they have been so helpful this month. Since I've stressed myself out quite a bit I've had terrible skin meaning breakouts and an oily T-zone. I was sent the FaceB4 Combined Cleanser & Toner and the Anti-Bacterial Serum to go with it and whilst I was supposed to be providing weekly updates, I didn't notice any difference last month when I received it. Due to the fact that I was in desperate need of a total cleanse I decided to give it another go and oh my gosh it's worked. It's made my skin feel so clean and it's reduced the appearance of my spots so it's been a lifesaver during my first few weeks at work. I usually don't like foam cleansers but I've taken a shine to this one as it just makes my skin feel so refreshed and clean without drying it out, of course the serum has helped with that but I didn't really feel like the serum was a necessity.

Moving onto my February hair favourites, I'm going to kick it off with the Claire's Accessories Clip In Hair Piece. It's the first time I've ever tried one out because I usually can't find hair pieces that are the right multi-tonal shades but this one is an exact fit so it's easy to blend in with my own ponytail. It's longer than my natural hair so it just gives me that extra length and cuts down the time I need to spend on my hair. All you have to do is scrape your hair back into a ponytail, tie it off and then clip it on. Alternatively you can put your hair into a half up half down style and clip it on in the same way. Either way it's amazing. Another hair favourite I've accumulated is the Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo. It smells fantastic, adds texture and freshens up second day hair which it ideal for me because I don't have time to wash my hair every day. I've always loved Fudge Urban and I've wanted to try it for a mega long time now so I've loved testing its capabilities and finding out how I can use it to enhance my natural hair texture. 

BuyTShirtsOnline asked me to choose an American Apparel shirt from their site to review so I chose the American Apparel Cotton Spandex sleeveless crop top. I'm not going to say a massive amount about it because I'm typing up a review that should be up fairly soon but it's now a favourite of mine. I adore the way it looks on me and I enjoyed matching it with slightly see through jumpers to get a relaxed and casual style for both work and meeting up with friends.

In terms of food and drink I've been loving handy noodle pots for my lunch breaks at work. I particularly love the Blue Dragon Noodle Woks because they are filling, taste great and don't take much effort so prepare. At work I'm very lazy with food so it's nice to be able to just add water and wait rather than taking half an hour or so to prepare an actual meal the night before. If I'm being truthful I didn't expect much from the Blue Dragon noodles but I'm near enough addicted to them now. As for drinks, I decided that I needed to cut down on coffee so I've been drinking green tea which has helped along with my new skincare regime to brighten up my complexion. I've always loved tea and whilst it was a struggle to cut down on not only coffee but Yorkshire Tea as well, I'm equally as in love with green tea.

Speaking of food and drink, my best friend and I went out for lunch on Valentines Day at Sambucas in Durham and it's also taken place in my favourites. The service was excellent, the food was on par and the restaurant itself is beautiful. It's quite obvious that the owner has taken a lot of time and effort with creating the atmosphere and it was just a genuinely nice place to be. Anyway, I ordered garlic mushrooms for a starter and then I ordered lasagna for the main and a chocolate pudding of some sort for desert... Yummy. I would definitely go again and I highly recommend the place so thanks, Kate, for introducing me to the place.

So that seems to be about it, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my February Favorites because I always do a monthly favourites post and I really enjoy producing them. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Constructing A Blog Post: My Creative Process

Following the success of 5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making On Twitter, I have decided to write another post about blogging (or rather the process of it) with the aim of helping some of you in your blog development. After thinking about it for a little while I settled on the topic of actually constructing a blog post as the title suggests. Really, I know you don't need me telling you how to write because that's just patronising and if I say "you have to do this" or "you have to do that" you'll lose some of the personality that shines through in your individual writing style. Instead I'm going to give you some tips on blog structure and the process I go through when I type up a blog post.

There are things to consider before you even start to write the post, here is my mini pre-post checklist that I think of when I settle down to write. 
  • Inspiration is a very important part of blogging, no matter what you blog about you are bound have been inspired by something. I like to think of a topic, create a mood board and then just roll with it because compiling a visual aid for your creative process just makes the whole thing go more smoothly. You don't even have to add it to the post for other people to see, it just makes it less likely for writers block to occur. This post hasn't required any form of visual aid because it's of a practical theme and it was inspired by a previous post.
  • Blogger research is also something well worth doing, it can even add to your inspiration because once it's done you have something to refer to. By blogger research I mean checking out other blogs to see if they've done a similar post, if they have then great, you just need to put your own spin on things.
  • Can images be added? Whilst a lot of blogging is now focused on using good quality imagery in connection with the text, my advice would be to not add images for the sake of it. If they fit with the text then go for it, I encourage it but if the post doesn't require them then don't add them because it's a waste of time.
All three of those things are significant in my approach to blogging, without going through those steps I feel like my content is nowhere near as good as it could be.

Once you actually get to the post building part it gets so simple and it sounds really obvious but I would say start with an introduction. Don't even think about the title until the end of your creative process because a title gives you that little bit of a topic and style restriction that you subconsciously stick to when you start with that step. I always try to go through the purpose of the post first so the direction of the post is as clear as possible. The introduction doesn't have to be long, you can even just stick with one sentence but I like to refer back to previous posts and explain my motives. 

I would then organise my content so if I'm writing a wishlist I would determine what niche that it's going to fit in with, if it's a mixture I like to keep each section in order to ease the flow of the post. For example, in my Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist I started with hair, moved on to beauty and then finished with fashion. 

On a related note, the next step is to build up the body of the text. This is where the bulk of the post resides and without the right structure it's incredibly easy for your readers to get bored. I like to have the body of the text in multiple sections rather than keeping it in one block paragraph, of course it's not necessary but it just breaks down the post and makes it less heavy.

A lot of my structure comes from hours of primary and secondary school, teachers used to drill it into me about starting with an introduction, moving onto the body and then ending with a conclusion which is what I'm going to advise you do. Tie off the post with a nice little summary so your readers can evaluate what they've taken away from your post, even add a quirky goodbye message. Whatever you do, just don't abruptly stop because then the piece doesn't feel finished for both you and your reader.

The last step, which I mentioned in the first active post building paragraph, is to come up with a title that fits your post. It doesn't have to be the most fantastic title in all of time and space but it does have to be relevant because it matches up the reader to the post and it makes it easier for people to find. 

Now all you would need to do is click the publish button and share, it's really as simple as it sounds. Hopefully this post is as helpful as my last advisory post, if there's anything else you would like me to type up then I would be more than happy to give it a go. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kylie Jenner Inspired Wishlist

I didn't get 'round to posting this when I should have but what matters is that it's here now. The first post in the series was my Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist and as promised, this wishlist is inspired by Kylie Jenner beacause DAMN that girl has style. Rather than saying the next post will be up on Monday, I'm just going to say at the beginning of next week so look out for my Mollie King Inspired Wishlist!

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way I can get started by listing the beauty items I want that remind me of Kylie. So first up is the Mac Velvet Teddy Lipsick, Kylie tends to go for understated neutral shades rather than big and bold ones. Of course she does dabble in other trends but this seems to be her go-to lip look. Another key part of Kylies look is her long lashes, she always has the most fantastic bold eyelashes so to create her look I would choose the Benefit They're Real! Mascara. It looks fairly natural whilst still giving lashes the extra oomph they need. 

To copy Kylies style you should really embrace the crop top because she's queen of the crop tops. I love the American Apparel Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top, I actually have one in black. This top is very form fitting but it looks fantastic, there is no view of the bust so it's not the focal point of the top so it's great for girls with any size bust though it could be an issue for larger busted girls in size. Since this top is so simple you can dress it up or down with accessories like a statement necklace or a faux collar but since this is a Kylie Jenner inspired look I would recommend wearing it with a simple long necklace with a basic pendant. If it's cold where you are you can team this up with a bomber jacket, a kimono or a long knit cardigan to get the right look so you can take the look from Summer to Winter if you really want to. 

Kylies style is really minimalistic, I adore how she mixes cool and casual with effortless glam. Whilst trawling through the ASOS site I found the Weekday Relaxed Utility Trousers. They are just as their name suggests, "relaxed". That's the main word I would use to describe them though "utility" is fairly truthful too because they are equipped with baggy pockets that add to look to create a casual chic style. You can wear these to hang out with friends, see a movie or even at a push... to work. "Eh, how?" I hear you cry! The answer is simple, copy the look on the site photos. Not the bralet of course but you could easily dress these up if you wanted to. I used to own a pair of shiny trousers in a similar style that I used to wear with a crop top with an aztec print on it and to be honest, whilst it was "different", I LOVE how it looked. I added a blazer to it and it looked great for a night out so it just goes to show that being a bit braver with fashion is a risk worth taking. I have to be truthful though, I tend to be "safe" when it comes to choosing clothing so it takes quite a push to get me out of my comfort zone. 

After looking closely at what Kylie has worn to events in the past I have matched her to these ASOS SIGNED FOR Pointed Heels. They can be used to dress up any outfit and can be worn beautifully with, jeans, trousers, shorts or dresses depending on how you style them. Also, since they are silver they will work with nearly any colour scheme so they are actually a sound investment... Or so I tell myself a few days away from payday anyway.

So this has been my Kylie Jenner inspired wishlist, I hope you style fanatics have enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing it. I'll be back next week with a Mollie King Inspired Wishlist so until then I'd love it if you could check out the posts inbetween.

5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making On Twitter (Blog Promo Edition)

Since I've started my apprenticeship in social media I've had to take more notice in what actually goes on around the Twittersphere (yes, I did internally cringe when I typed that word). I've checked out who's following me, who I follow, which tweets I get the most interaction from and which chats are more advantageous. Baring all of this in mind I've decided to share the top 5 mistakes that a lot of bloggers do, especially when they have a lot of content to put out. I'm not going to lie, I'm not perfect but people who aren't promoting their own material really notice things like these when they are searching for a quick lunchtime read or a new blog to follow.

Mistake Number 1
Only tweeting about your content makes people think your account is quite spammy and I don't mean that gross tinned pork stuff. The more you simply just tweet out links to your own content, the more people think your account is purely for promo. People like to see personality shining through with tweets and if you're just constantly churning out the same stuff people start to get bored and unfollow. To remedy this just give people updates about your life, tweet what you eat, do whatever you want as long as show your followers your personality.

Mistake Number 2
This connects with the first mistake but really if you want people to find use for your account you should really be retweeting relevant content from other blogs or sites. So you're a fashion blogger? Retweet from a fashion magazine or share content from your favourite fashion blogger. A beauty blogger? Retweet a product release, share someone elses review. The pattern goes on like that, if you have a niche then use it. If you really want to get other bloggers attention use the quote feature and comment on their post via Twitter, all feedback is appreciated. 

Mistake Number 3
Buying followers. This is something that causes trouble time and time again, it's really not worth the hassle because if people find out then you lose credibility in the blogging community. Real blogging success comes from networking, making friends and creating contacts that share your content because they want to, not because they've been begged. If most of your followers are bought you really aren't going to have a wide reach because bought followers aren't going to interact and read your content.

Mistake Number 4
Reacting badly to negative feedback is one of the worst things you can do, if you get spiteful about it in your reply people will start to think that you're a bad person. Whilst that just screams nursery school drama it's true, if you bite back you only put yourself in a bad light. If it's genuine criticism/feedback you simply need to say you'll work on it, if it's actually personal and hurtful then I would say just block them and ignore it. The truth is, the blogging community is really friendly and supportive so the chances are that you won't be making this mistake.

Mistake Number 5
The final mistake, that I'm mentioning in this post anyway, is overusing hashtags. If you're trying to promote your blog then you should use popular hashtags for your niche. For example, I label myself as a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger so I tend to use #lblogger, #bblogger and #fblogger. If you are established enough to use a personal brand hashtag then by all means do so but really you should be expanding your reach.

I hope this post has been helpful to at least some of you, my Celeb Inspired Wishlist will be up later today since I didn't have the chance to properly edit it on Monday when it was due. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Life, Work, Inspiration

I hate to be THAT person but I'm starting this post off with a mini weather rant. So far this February we've had wind, rain and snow and quite frankly I'm sick of all this cold weather. I spent three nights in London earlier this month and whilst I enjoyed it I would rather of had the chance to see the place in a more pleasant light. The sooner Spring comes the better! 

Moving on from that, this week I started my apprenticeship in social media and since I haven't had a real schedule for quite some time it's taken its toll on me. I haven't really had time to blog because I get home at 6pm, go in the bath, watch Emmerdale (when it's on) and then go to bed. Anyway, it's the weekend so I'm spending it typing up and scheduling posts to keep up with things whilst I'm getting used to my new working hours. 

I've been inspired to blog but I haven't gotten 'round to putting my plans into actual posts, luckily enough I've kept my blogging diary with me so I've been able to scrawl down my ideas. I have drafts of my next Celebrity Inspired Wishlist (Find my Perrie Edwards one here) ready for Monday, as I mentioned in the first post of the series, the next edition will be inspired by Kylie Jenner. I have the whole series planned but if I get inspiration for more I'll add them to my little list. 

I've literally been flowing with ideas and whilst I haven't put them into action yet I've certainly made a good start. I've been inspired to the music I've been listening to on a morning when I've been on the bus, I've been inspired when I've read posts about blog structure and above all I've been inspired by YouTube. I love checking out videos and tags by my favourite bloggers, I find that most of the YT tags can be transferred into written form and it's great to be able to put my own spin on them without directly copying them. Quite a few bloggers now post in both forms so it's well worth finding out if your favourites do just that, I find it particularly helpful to take notes and compare the two. To create content that both fits your niche and general style whilst still catering for your audiences needs it's important to ask yourself certain questions regarding other bloggers. What draws in their audience? Is their audience the same as yours? What ideas can you take away from their content? Just remember tough, it's also important to stay true to yourself. It sounds cheesy but it's true. Don't change how you blog just because other people are spinning out the same content, I'm not contradicting myself here, by all means take inspiration from other bloggers and even give them credit but don't mindlessly copy them. People actually appreciate seeing your personality when it comes to blogging, it makes your audience feel like they are old friends and encourages them to share your content.

Hopefully I'll have more posts up this weekend but if I don't get a chance just expect a few here and there throughout the week. I hope everyone else is doing well, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist

Kicking off my new blogging series of affordable celebrity inspired wishlists, this post is based on the style and look of Perrie Edwards. The next post in the series will be inspired by Kylie Jenner so look out for that at the beginning of next week!

Anyway, to kick off this wishlist I would like to go through hair and makeup. First up is the BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210, I would use this particular curling tong because all I would have to do to achieve Perrie's look is section off my hair curl MOST sections and then drag my fingers through my hair to loosen them. The barrel is 25mm so the curls wouldn't be too tight and it would be easier to create soft waves rather than defined curls.

I'm not going create a whole makeup look but I particularly love Perrie's lip look. I've mentioned quite a few times how much I love the nude/neutral look so the next two items on my wishlist are the Collection Lip Definer 4.2g Nude Pink 1 and the Makeup Revolution #happylips Love Nude. By using the pencil prior to applying the lipstick, you get a more defined lip shape that lasts much longer.

Perrie's style ranges from quite gothic to boho chick, on the boho side of the scale I'm adding the River Island Lace Cropped T-Shirt to my wishlist. I feel like she would wear this top with some high-waisted denim jeans and a thin belt. This top is a very minimalist but it works for Perrie because she never goes overboard with accessories but she manages to dress up such simple items. I believe she wore a similar off the shoulder lace top to the TCA's a while ago but this style is more casual than that one. The sheer polyester material of the lace gives the top a softer look than it would have had if a cotton lace was used. Also, the fact that it is an off pearly colour rather than a crisp white would definitely compliment someone with the same complexion as Perrie. This is one of my favourite River Island items at the moment, I would invest in it in time for the summer but I don't quite have the shape for that much skin to be showing without some super high-waisted skinny jeans. You could wear this top in a casual style like Perrie would or you could dress it up for work or for going out. If you were going to dress it up I would advise either a plain black pencil skirt and golden wedges or tapered office trousers and golden strappy sandles. 

The next item on the wishlist is more my style than the last one, obviously this wishlist is inspired by Perrie Edwards but out of the two tops I would choose this one. For a slightly less delicate style I would love to own the ASOS T-Shirt With Crochet Trims, it's still slightly boho but it has a tougher look because its colour. It's a baggy crop top so it's more relaxed than the lace one mentioned above, no matter how you style it. If you don't particularly want to wear such a baggy style I would recommend sizing down but not too much smaller because it might become too short. It looks like something Perrie would wear to perform in at a festival along with black high-waisted shorts, a black and gold belt along with military styled black wedges. Perrie either goes all for the plain black look or she goes really soft and feminine, she rarely goes inbetween. You could also go even more casual and wear this crop top with mom jeans and block heels, I love both ways of styling this top but the first way was more Perrie. 

The last item on my Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist is the ASOS EVERLASTING Ankle Boots. With a pastel pedicure these boots could go with either of Perrie's style themes to soften the look or compliment any lighter tones. Either way theses boots are beautiful, I would wear them on a day to day basis as a staple item. They are plain yet they still make a statement no matter what you style them with. I'm positive I've seen Perrie wear the same, if not similar, pair of shoes in the past. 

This is my wishlist inspired by Perrie Edwards, I hope you've enjoyed it. As I mentioned before, next week I'll be posting a Kylie Jenner edition of this series so stay tuned folks!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Body Image

This post was originally typed up as a guest post but the person I sent it to never got back to me so I don't actually know if it's "out there" or not. Either way I thought that I might as well post it on my own blog because it's a topic that is very important to a lot of people. Body image has always been a hot topic online and ‘body shaming’ is becoming more and more common. ‘Body shaming’ is embedded into pop culture and it’s not just ‘fat shaming’ that occurs, ‘skinny shaming’ is getting increasingly more popular and songs like Megan Trainor’s All About That Bass doesn’t help with the issue at all. It’s important to realise that body shaming can happen to anyone, whether it is self-imposed or a form of bullying so it’s unfair to only boost awareness of one type.

For years it was thought of as unacceptable to be what some people deemed overweight, it was impossible to flick through a magazine without seeing a story about how someone was bullied because of their weight. There has now been a boom in numbers of plus size bloggers, models, actresses and artists. This has all lead to ‘skinny shaming’, many people now praise plus size confidence and avidly protest the skinny. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Fat shaming’ is still incredibly present and it has by no means stopped, Katy Hopkins proved that when she produced My Fat Story. The point I’m getting at is that it’s nearly impossible to win when it comes to body image if you’re going to take in everything that appears on tv, on the radio and online. People can’t even be muscular without being called disgusting these days and really, who are we to judge? I’m sure anyone who shames people for how they look isn’t exactly perfect either because nobody is.

It’s equal from all body types; sporty people shame the unfit, the fat shame the skinny, the skinny shame the fat and it goes on and on. People sometimes forget that skinny, fat, muscular… They are all descriptive words! They weren’t created to be negative, they were created to describe a body shape. If you really must insist on torturing yourself about how you look you should remember to think positively and come up with good points to overshadow the bad. There is no right or wrong way that you should look, outward beauty is defined personally by what you pick up from other people. Another common misconception is that ‘body shaming’ only happens in the playground. Well, not the actual playground but school is where a lot of people pretend it’s confined to. ‘Body shaming’ is something that can affect your whole life if you choose to let other people get to you, the likelihood is that anyone who shames you has their own body issues.

Whilst typing up this post I came across two body image charities; Body Charity ( and The Be Real Campaign ( They are well worth checking out as they raise awareness of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (imagined ugliness) and self-esteem issues. Another figure to look out for is Tess Munster who is an advocate for the acceptance of body size, she doesn’t shame people for their size or shape. She started the #effyourbeautystandards movement as a way to empower women and boost their self-esteem.

The TMI Tag

I see other people posting the TMI Tag all of the time so when AJ from Writer's Block and Broken Lenses tagged me, I figured it was about time that I gave it a go. I won't be answering 50 questions, I will however, answer 20. 

What am I wearing?
I went out earlier today in my navy and white striped dress from Primark, my tights and my healed boots but I'm currently wearing my grey F&F pyjamas because it's Valentines day and I'm parentless for the night. Pretty much as soon as they left I got into my pyjamas, I don't plan on doing anything else today so why not?

How tall are you?
I think I'm 5"5 but my brother says I'm 5"3, there's no way to get an accurate reading because he's the only one I can get to measure me and he's more amused by our height difference than anything else. 

Any piercings?
I have my ears pierced, I've had them done for about a decade now. Other than that I just have a navel piercing but it has closed up, there's still a hole there but I can't get any jewellery through it so it looks ridiculous. I might get it repierced at some point but at the moment I can't be bothered with it so I'll leave it until I've settled in with my new apprenticeship. 

Favourite TV show?
This is a really difficult question because I seem to get taken in by a lot of TV shows, I know I love Sherlock and Doctor Who but recently I've been obsessed with other things. Emmerdale has been fantastic so like the "30 year old stuck in a 19 year old's body" that I am, I've eagerly awaited each episode for weeks. Courtesy of AJ, I've also just been introduced to Black Books and Green Wing so they are solidly in my top five right now.

Short answer? I don't have one. Long answer? I have that many favourite TV shows that it's difficult to choose. In Sherlock I love John and Mary together, I used to ship Johnlock but Martin and Amanda work really well together as their characters. In Doctor Who, it's different for every Doctor so I'm not even going to start on that. In Emmerdale at the moment I'm loving Robron (Robert and Aaron), I love the chemistry between them and the storyline is really working for them. It's difficult to choose for Black Books but in Green Wing it HAS to be Mac and Caroline.

Favourite bands?
Recently I've gotten back into the All American Rejects (AAR) and My Chemical Romance (MCR) but I utterly adore Fleetwood Mac, Queen and The Beatles in a more classic sense. As many teenagers do, I went through a weird music phase when I was younger but I keep going back to it every once in a while.

Favourite song?
Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac, it's a great song to listen to no matter what mood you're in and it's actually quite soothing when a headache occurs. Either way I love both the lyrics and the way that they are played, Stevie Nicks has a beautiful voice that fits so well to they genre she sings in.

What's the last song you sang?
I was watching Jon Cozart on YouTube so obviously I ended up singing along to After Ever After because that guy is a lyrical genius.

Favourite colour?
It's changed over the years but at the moment my favourite colour is orange, it used to be green when I was little but I ended up only buying green clothes so I looked like an asparagus.

Favourite food?
I've eaten so much today that I don't really want to think about this question. Then again, there's always room for pepperoni pizza. Yummy.

Favourite sweet?
I LOVE jelly beans, especially The Sweet Factory gourmet ones. They actually taste like they are supposed to which is a bonus because most jelly beans taste quite similar. 

Zodiac sign?
I'm a Scorpio as my birthday is on the 11th of November. I have to admit, I do check my horoscopes in the weekly magazines that my mum buys and I find it all very interesting because a lot of the time they match my personality quite well.

Where do you go when you're sad?
I tend to go in the bathroom, lock the door and lie on the bathroom floor because it's the only room in the house that has a lock. Privacy is a hard thing to come by when you live in a house of five so it's nice to have the security of the lock.

How long does it take for you to shower?
I would say around 15 minutes but I'm really more of a bath sort of person, I spend around an hour in the bath.

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
It varies, sometimes it takes and hour but on the opposite side of the scale it could take maybe... ten minutes. It really depends on how I feel and where I'm going because how much effort I put into my look is determined by those factors. 

Why did you start blogging?
After my year of A-Levels didn't work out I decided to give a BTEC College course in Journalism and PR a go. I ended up starting a fashion blog to improve on my writing but then deleted that blog to start a celebrity news blog but I wanted something more varied which I started this blog.

Who's the last person you talked to?
My sister; I'm babysitting whilst my mum and dad go away for the weekend so we're having a bit of a movie night. 

Place you want to visit?
I would love to visit my gran in Hong Kong because I haven't been there before and I miss her but recently I've had the impulse to revisit Paris.

Last place you visited?
I recently went to London to see AJ; we stalked the set of Sherlock, played the part of tourists, cooked and watched awesome British comedy.

What are you going to post next?
Not a clue! Any suggestions?

Monday, 9 February 2015

My London HAUL: Fashion, Beauty & Random Additions

I've just returned from my trip to London and I treated myself to a few bits and pieces. This post isn't going to be too lengthy, I just wanted to let you know what I bought whilst I was away last week. I will be typing up a trip overview post at some point over the next few days but for the moment I'll just go through my mini shopping haul. 

I bought two casual dresses from Primark at £5 each, I actually went in there for some cheap work trousers but obviously I was swayed. I love the striped white and navy dress, it's very nautical in that classic yet relaxed style. It has quite a few styling possibilities but I'll probably wear it with black or grey tights, black wedge boots and a blazer for work. As for the berry coloured floral dress, I'll most likely style it in a very similar way. 

I payed a visit to the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross Station, I've wanted to see it for a little while but I haven't had the chance. Whilst I was there I bought a Gryffindor pendant necklace, I had to stop myself from going overboard so I didn't get anything else from there. I love how everyone who works there wears Hogwarts Express uniforms, it just adds to the atmosphere.

I've been desperate for new hairspray for a few weeks so when I passed a Superdrug I bought my usual brand: Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray. It's been a favourite of mine for a longtime so when I picked it up I couldn't resist buying some of the Fudge Urban Crisp Pear and Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo. I'm still yet to try their shampoo and Miracle Ends conditioner, I will eventually though so expect a Fudge Urban post at the end of the month.

Last but certainly not least, I bought the vinyl of Fleetwood Mac's Seven Wonders. I utterly adore Seven Wonders, it caters for multiple moods and emotions. The great thing is, it only cost me £2.00 at Sister Rays. I wish that I could find more shops that sell vinyls around where I live, especially since the only places I know are quite costly. 

Thanks for reading my London HAUL, I hope you've enjoyed this post. I've got more on the way later on!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Goodbye January, You've Been Good To Me...

January has been good to me this year, I've had a lot of laughs and I've made a lot of progress in my job hunt as well as my blogging. I've had good interviews and bad interviews but I start a trial as a Social Media and Marketing Apprentice on Monday so hopefully it will all pay off. Social Media and Marketing is something I've wanted to get into for quite some time now so I'm psyched to see how this trial goes, wish me luck!

My whole January hasn't been all about job hunting, I've typed up quite a lot of blog posts and improved my technique along the way. One thing that is going to be an ongoing project is the look of my blog, I've updated it with a new logo and colour scheme but I'll be developing my personal style for the whole duration of my blogging experience so it will be fun to see where I go from here. It's been a diverse month in terms of things I've posted; I've posted about fashion, I've posted about makeup and I've created quite a range of lifestyle pieces. 

My favourite posts of January:
  • Running And Maintaining A Blog: Beginners Tips; Since I pick up little tips and tricks to do with blogging I thought I would share them with some of the newer bloggers, it was a great way of reviewing what I actually knew about blogging myself.
  • The British Tag; I'd been wanting to write this post for quite some time so it was nice to finally get a chance to type it up, I got to write about my love for tea and how I play up to the British stereotype.
Other than that, I've gone through copious amounts of chai lattes from Starbucks, read a lot of other peoples blog posts and listened to music inbetween.

Of course January hasn't all been sunshine and daisies, I've had a few bumps in the road too. My nana had a stroke, she's recovering now but it wasn't a pleasant experience. I've slipped over a million times in the snow and I swear I've bruised my bum but I can't be sure, I wasn't made for all this ice because I'm way too clumsy for my own good.