Tuesday, 24 February 2015

5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making On Twitter (Blog Promo Edition)

Since I've started my apprenticeship in social media I've had to take more notice in what actually goes on around the Twittersphere (yes, I did internally cringe when I typed that word). I've checked out who's following me, who I follow, which tweets I get the most interaction from and which chats are more advantageous. Baring all of this in mind I've decided to share the top 5 mistakes that a lot of bloggers do, especially when they have a lot of content to put out. I'm not going to lie, I'm not perfect but people who aren't promoting their own material really notice things like these when they are searching for a quick lunchtime read or a new blog to follow.

Mistake Number 1
Only tweeting about your content makes people think your account is quite spammy and I don't mean that gross tinned pork stuff. The more you simply just tweet out links to your own content, the more people think your account is purely for promo. People like to see personality shining through with tweets and if you're just constantly churning out the same stuff people start to get bored and unfollow. To remedy this just give people updates about your life, tweet what you eat, do whatever you want as long as show your followers your personality.

Mistake Number 2
This connects with the first mistake but really if you want people to find use for your account you should really be retweeting relevant content from other blogs or sites. So you're a fashion blogger? Retweet from a fashion magazine or share content from your favourite fashion blogger. A beauty blogger? Retweet a product release, share someone elses review. The pattern goes on like that, if you have a niche then use it. If you really want to get other bloggers attention use the quote feature and comment on their post via Twitter, all feedback is appreciated. 

Mistake Number 3
Buying followers. This is something that causes trouble time and time again, it's really not worth the hassle because if people find out then you lose credibility in the blogging community. Real blogging success comes from networking, making friends and creating contacts that share your content because they want to, not because they've been begged. If most of your followers are bought you really aren't going to have a wide reach because bought followers aren't going to interact and read your content.

Mistake Number 4
Reacting badly to negative feedback is one of the worst things you can do, if you get spiteful about it in your reply people will start to think that you're a bad person. Whilst that just screams nursery school drama it's true, if you bite back you only put yourself in a bad light. If it's genuine criticism/feedback you simply need to say you'll work on it, if it's actually personal and hurtful then I would say just block them and ignore it. The truth is, the blogging community is really friendly and supportive so the chances are that you won't be making this mistake.

Mistake Number 5
The final mistake, that I'm mentioning in this post anyway, is overusing hashtags. If you're trying to promote your blog then you should use popular hashtags for your niche. For example, I label myself as a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger so I tend to use #lblogger, #bblogger and #fblogger. If you are established enough to use a personal brand hashtag then by all means do so but really you should be expanding your reach.

I hope this post has been helpful to at least some of you, my Celeb Inspired Wishlist will be up later today since I didn't have the chance to properly edit it on Monday when it was due. 


  1. I see number 4 so much it's awful! I'm still very much learning on Twitter so this was helpful #nebloggers (eek hoping it's an appropriate #)

    1. I'm glad I've helped! If you would like info about anything else, don't hesitate to ask. :)

  2. Urgh I really don't understand why people would want to buy followers!

  3. Check you out! Also I found out at an SEO thing that soon Google will start reading tweets asn content (if that makes sense) so your account will appear more in search engines.

    Asa blogger, if you want to get more SEO credibility from Twitter then don't just tweet 'have you seen my latest blog post?', instead do an overview of the content. For example:

    '#LFW2015 was so inspiring and I loved the @Ted_Baker show. Speaking of which, have you seen my new dress? -Link-'

    Also, Alt tags are your best friend for all images in your blog. Label them correctly using the right keywords and your photos will appear in image searches based on those key words as your SEO standing goes up.

    I know stuff :-p

  4. Oh! And google reads blog comments of less than eight words as spam! Try to elaborate more when you comment. Rather than 'I love this post' try 'This post is so helpful, you've really helped me understand the world of social media more. I'll definitely be using this as a to-do list as I work on my personal social media strategy' <- check out those key words too.

    *knows more stuff*

  5. thanks for your helpful tips! I am just starting out in the blogging and all tips and hints are appreciated xx

    1. I'm glad they've helped! Good luck in the blogging world, just leave a link in my comments whenever you want me to check out your stuff. :) xx