Sunday, 1 February 2015

Goodbye January, You've Been Good To Me...

January has been good to me this year, I've had a lot of laughs and I've made a lot of progress in my job hunt as well as my blogging. I've had good interviews and bad interviews but I start a trial as a Social Media and Marketing Apprentice on Monday so hopefully it will all pay off. Social Media and Marketing is something I've wanted to get into for quite some time now so I'm psyched to see how this trial goes, wish me luck!

My whole January hasn't been all about job hunting, I've typed up quite a lot of blog posts and improved my technique along the way. One thing that is going to be an ongoing project is the look of my blog, I've updated it with a new logo and colour scheme but I'll be developing my personal style for the whole duration of my blogging experience so it will be fun to see where I go from here. It's been a diverse month in terms of things I've posted; I've posted about fashion, I've posted about makeup and I've created quite a range of lifestyle pieces. 

My favourite posts of January:
  • Running And Maintaining A Blog: Beginners Tips; Since I pick up little tips and tricks to do with blogging I thought I would share them with some of the newer bloggers, it was a great way of reviewing what I actually knew about blogging myself.
  • The British Tag; I'd been wanting to write this post for quite some time so it was nice to finally get a chance to type it up, I got to write about my love for tea and how I play up to the British stereotype.
Other than that, I've gone through copious amounts of chai lattes from Starbucks, read a lot of other peoples blog posts and listened to music inbetween.

Of course January hasn't all been sunshine and daisies, I've had a few bumps in the road too. My nana had a stroke, she's recovering now but it wasn't a pleasant experience. I've slipped over a million times in the snow and I swear I've bruised my bum but I can't be sure, I wasn't made for all this ice because I'm way too clumsy for my own good.

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