Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kylie Jenner Inspired Wishlist

I didn't get 'round to posting this when I should have but what matters is that it's here now. The first post in the series was my Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist and as promised, this wishlist is inspired by Kylie Jenner beacause DAMN that girl has style. Rather than saying the next post will be up on Monday, I'm just going to say at the beginning of next week so look out for my Mollie King Inspired Wishlist!

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way I can get started by listing the beauty items I want that remind me of Kylie. So first up is the Mac Velvet Teddy Lipsick, Kylie tends to go for understated neutral shades rather than big and bold ones. Of course she does dabble in other trends but this seems to be her go-to lip look. Another key part of Kylies look is her long lashes, she always has the most fantastic bold eyelashes so to create her look I would choose the Benefit They're Real! Mascara. It looks fairly natural whilst still giving lashes the extra oomph they need. 

To copy Kylies style you should really embrace the crop top because she's queen of the crop tops. I love the American Apparel Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top, I actually have one in black. This top is very form fitting but it looks fantastic, there is no view of the bust so it's not the focal point of the top so it's great for girls with any size bust though it could be an issue for larger busted girls in size. Since this top is so simple you can dress it up or down with accessories like a statement necklace or a faux collar but since this is a Kylie Jenner inspired look I would recommend wearing it with a simple long necklace with a basic pendant. If it's cold where you are you can team this up with a bomber jacket, a kimono or a long knit cardigan to get the right look so you can take the look from Summer to Winter if you really want to. 

Kylies style is really minimalistic, I adore how she mixes cool and casual with effortless glam. Whilst trawling through the ASOS site I found the Weekday Relaxed Utility Trousers. They are just as their name suggests, "relaxed". That's the main word I would use to describe them though "utility" is fairly truthful too because they are equipped with baggy pockets that add to look to create a casual chic style. You can wear these to hang out with friends, see a movie or even at a push... to work. "Eh, how?" I hear you cry! The answer is simple, copy the look on the site photos. Not the bralet of course but you could easily dress these up if you wanted to. I used to own a pair of shiny trousers in a similar style that I used to wear with a crop top with an aztec print on it and to be honest, whilst it was "different", I LOVE how it looked. I added a blazer to it and it looked great for a night out so it just goes to show that being a bit braver with fashion is a risk worth taking. I have to be truthful though, I tend to be "safe" when it comes to choosing clothing so it takes quite a push to get me out of my comfort zone. 

After looking closely at what Kylie has worn to events in the past I have matched her to these ASOS SIGNED FOR Pointed Heels. They can be used to dress up any outfit and can be worn beautifully with, jeans, trousers, shorts or dresses depending on how you style them. Also, since they are silver they will work with nearly any colour scheme so they are actually a sound investment... Or so I tell myself a few days away from payday anyway.

So this has been my Kylie Jenner inspired wishlist, I hope you style fanatics have enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing it. I'll be back next week with a Mollie King Inspired Wishlist so until then I'd love it if you could check out the posts inbetween.


  1. I love her! I want everything in this list!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  2. Great post, i like them shoes :)
    Emily idontknxw.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Good article, thank for sharing. I think i will add some new Crop tops from here into my wardrobe to expand my Crop Tops