Saturday, 21 February 2015

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I hate to be THAT person but I'm starting this post off with a mini weather rant. So far this February we've had wind, rain and snow and quite frankly I'm sick of all this cold weather. I spent three nights in London earlier this month and whilst I enjoyed it I would rather of had the chance to see the place in a more pleasant light. The sooner Spring comes the better! 

Moving on from that, this week I started my apprenticeship in social media and since I haven't had a real schedule for quite some time it's taken its toll on me. I haven't really had time to blog because I get home at 6pm, go in the bath, watch Emmerdale (when it's on) and then go to bed. Anyway, it's the weekend so I'm spending it typing up and scheduling posts to keep up with things whilst I'm getting used to my new working hours. 

I've been inspired to blog but I haven't gotten 'round to putting my plans into actual posts, luckily enough I've kept my blogging diary with me so I've been able to scrawl down my ideas. I have drafts of my next Celebrity Inspired Wishlist (Find my Perrie Edwards one here) ready for Monday, as I mentioned in the first post of the series, the next edition will be inspired by Kylie Jenner. I have the whole series planned but if I get inspiration for more I'll add them to my little list. 

I've literally been flowing with ideas and whilst I haven't put them into action yet I've certainly made a good start. I've been inspired to the music I've been listening to on a morning when I've been on the bus, I've been inspired when I've read posts about blog structure and above all I've been inspired by YouTube. I love checking out videos and tags by my favourite bloggers, I find that most of the YT tags can be transferred into written form and it's great to be able to put my own spin on them without directly copying them. Quite a few bloggers now post in both forms so it's well worth finding out if your favourites do just that, I find it particularly helpful to take notes and compare the two. To create content that both fits your niche and general style whilst still catering for your audiences needs it's important to ask yourself certain questions regarding other bloggers. What draws in their audience? Is their audience the same as yours? What ideas can you take away from their content? Just remember tough, it's also important to stay true to yourself. It sounds cheesy but it's true. Don't change how you blog just because other people are spinning out the same content, I'm not contradicting myself here, by all means take inspiration from other bloggers and even give them credit but don't mindlessly copy them. People actually appreciate seeing your personality when it comes to blogging, it makes your audience feel like they are old friends and encourages them to share your content.

Hopefully I'll have more posts up this weekend but if I don't get a chance just expect a few here and there throughout the week. I hope everyone else is doing well, thanks for reading!

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