Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist

Kicking off my new blogging series of affordable celebrity inspired wishlists, this post is based on the style and look of Perrie Edwards. The next post in the series will be inspired by Kylie Jenner so look out for that at the beginning of next week!

Anyway, to kick off this wishlist I would like to go through hair and makeup. First up is the BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210, I would use this particular curling tong because all I would have to do to achieve Perrie's look is section off my hair curl MOST sections and then drag my fingers through my hair to loosen them. The barrel is 25mm so the curls wouldn't be too tight and it would be easier to create soft waves rather than defined curls.

I'm not going create a whole makeup look but I particularly love Perrie's lip look. I've mentioned quite a few times how much I love the nude/neutral look so the next two items on my wishlist are the Collection Lip Definer 4.2g Nude Pink 1 and the Makeup Revolution #happylips Love Nude. By using the pencil prior to applying the lipstick, you get a more defined lip shape that lasts much longer.

Perrie's style ranges from quite gothic to boho chick, on the boho side of the scale I'm adding the River Island Lace Cropped T-Shirt to my wishlist. I feel like she would wear this top with some high-waisted denim jeans and a thin belt. This top is a very minimalist but it works for Perrie because she never goes overboard with accessories but she manages to dress up such simple items. I believe she wore a similar off the shoulder lace top to the TCA's a while ago but this style is more casual than that one. The sheer polyester material of the lace gives the top a softer look than it would have had if a cotton lace was used. Also, the fact that it is an off pearly colour rather than a crisp white would definitely compliment someone with the same complexion as Perrie. This is one of my favourite River Island items at the moment, I would invest in it in time for the summer but I don't quite have the shape for that much skin to be showing without some super high-waisted skinny jeans. You could wear this top in a casual style like Perrie would or you could dress it up for work or for going out. If you were going to dress it up I would advise either a plain black pencil skirt and golden wedges or tapered office trousers and golden strappy sandles. 

The next item on the wishlist is more my style than the last one, obviously this wishlist is inspired by Perrie Edwards but out of the two tops I would choose this one. For a slightly less delicate style I would love to own the ASOS T-Shirt With Crochet Trims, it's still slightly boho but it has a tougher look because its colour. It's a baggy crop top so it's more relaxed than the lace one mentioned above, no matter how you style it. If you don't particularly want to wear such a baggy style I would recommend sizing down but not too much smaller because it might become too short. It looks like something Perrie would wear to perform in at a festival along with black high-waisted shorts, a black and gold belt along with military styled black wedges. Perrie either goes all for the plain black look or she goes really soft and feminine, she rarely goes inbetween. You could also go even more casual and wear this crop top with mom jeans and block heels, I love both ways of styling this top but the first way was more Perrie. 

The last item on my Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist is the ASOS EVERLASTING Ankle Boots. With a pastel pedicure these boots could go with either of Perrie's style themes to soften the look or compliment any lighter tones. Either way theses boots are beautiful, I would wear them on a day to day basis as a staple item. They are plain yet they still make a statement no matter what you style them with. I'm positive I've seen Perrie wear the same, if not similar, pair of shoes in the past. 

This is my wishlist inspired by Perrie Edwards, I hope you've enjoyed it. As I mentioned before, next week I'll be posting a Kylie Jenner edition of this series so stay tuned folks!

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